Podcast Interview with Tom Whiting

January 8, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

Anyone who ties flies, or fly fishes at all, has likely heard of Whiting Farms. They produce some of the best fly tying hackle in the world, and their capes are a favorite of competitive anglers and weekend warriors alike.

The folks over at Wet Fly Swing (a great fly fishing resource for beginners, with tons of podcasts and articles on the more intricate aspects of fly fishing) sat down and had Tom Whiting, the owner of Whiting Farms, discuss what it’s like to raise chickens for fly tying.

It’s an interesting look into a part of fly fishing that we often gloss over. Knowing where – and how – our fly tying materials make it to a local fly shop is ethically important, and just plain fun. You can listen to the podcast below.