Tippets: Line Maintenance, Blind Setting the Hook

February 23, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Fly lines can be expensive, and simple cleaning maintenance can add years to the life of a fly line. Steve Schweitzer writes about “Flyline Maintenance 101” in this article on Global Fly Fisher.
  • George Daniel, author of Dynamic Nymphing, focuses on an often overlooked tip when nymphing: blind setting the hook. This is “a tactic in which the angler sets the hook in a likely spot, despite not seeing any strike (e.g. an indicator or sighter hesitating or going under),” Daniel writes. “Some anglers may call this a “sixth sense,” but experienced fly fishers who know the water well may refer to this as an educated guess: the laws of probability are too great not to set the hook despite not seeing any reason to set the hook.”