Tippets: Selecting Saltwater Leaders, Interview with Jen Ripple

February 24, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Whether you are purchasing leaders or building your own, in this article Capt. Bruce Chard outlines how to select the best leader for your fishing conditions and needs on the water. “The leader is important not just for its strength and durability in landing fish,” he writes. “Remember that first you have to hook that tarpon, permit, or bonefish. If you can’t deliver the fly correctly, it doesn’t matter how strong the leader is.” Via Fly Fisherman.
  • Jen Ripple, editor of DUN Magazinesits down for an interview with Kip Vieth of Wildwood Float Trips via Orvis. Among many other topics, they talk about women’s participation in the sport and The Orvis Company’s 50/50 on the Water campaign.