Macauley Lord: A Life of Fly Fishing

March 28, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

While it was not his first fish, the inscription Macauley Lord found on his grandmother’s door—”May 20, 1968, ML – 13 bluegill”—was most likely his first fishing report.   But his first fish was actually at six years of age in a farm pond in Kentucky.  He found his true passion when he first picked up a fly rod at the age of 12.  From then on, his life was fly fishing.  In 1986, he turned the hobby into a career when he took a job with L.L. Bean, teaching fly fishing in the summer and performing miscellaneous tasks in the winter.

Now, even though recently Lord has moved on to a new vocation, the seminary, he does so with the lessons he learned as a fly-fishing instructor.  “In teaching, as in ministry, I’m developing a bond with another person,” he said. “I’m always drawn to meaning. When you teach someone to make a good cast, that’s a beautiful moment. You’re teaching them to cast out into the universe. With prisoners, you’re helping them cast out, in a way, to find some peace and hope and sanity.”