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David James Duncan on “Low & Clear”

As if the film needed more accolades, “Low & Clear” continues to rack up praise outside of the fly fishing industry. Its makers, Tyler Hughen and Kahlil Hudson were named two of the top new filmmakers of 2013 by Paste Magazine and …

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Video Hatch: “Fly Cast and Blast”

Bay Street Outfitters’ Capt. Tuck Scott enjoys his day off by chasing tailing reds and marsh hens.  Thankfully the group brought along the video camera to take us along on this lowcountry cast and blast.

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Video Hatch: “WILD & CLEAR”

Unofficial Montana spokesmen Zack and Travis Boughton get way off the beaten path for some cutties and bulls.

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Southern Culture on the Fly Releases Issue No. 5

Celebrating its one year anniversary, Southern Culture on the Fly has released the Fall 2012 issue.  Issue No. 5 contains “bassholes,” tossing meat, bull reds, tunes for the way there, gear, and how-to articles for the various waterways of the … more

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Supreme Court Upholds Roadless Rule

The U.S. Supreme Court, on Monday, upheld a lower ruling that allowed the controversial Roadless Rule Conservation Rule (“Roadless Rule”) to stay in place. “This is the nail in the coffin in Wyoming’s legal case against the roadless rule,” said Tim … more

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Henry’s Fork with a Southern Twang

With picky fish sipping low-riding mayfly imitations, it is no wonder that the patterns of famed angler Rene Harrop work just as well on the South Holston–a river in a sleepy part of East Tennessee–as they do on the famed … more

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Video Hatch: “Peter & Rolf on Aitutaki”

One takes his coffee black as night.  The other with milk and sugar.  Both have admitted in the past to being lousy businessmen and refer to themselves as “Scandinavian nobodies.”  In reality they are only guilty of being good fishermen, …

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Video Hatch: “A Deliberate Life”

“A Deliberate Life” is about five friends who have chosen to live deliberately–as they put it–and get after life.  Lucky for us, their dream happens to involve fly fishing in the great state of Idaho.  A great story peppered with …

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“Low & Clear” Now Available on DVD

The critically acclaimed fly-fishing documentary Low & Clear is now available on DVD for purchase.  Since the trailer won the “Movie of the Year” award at The Drake Magazine’s 2010 short film awards, the movie has gone on to rack up awards …

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Video Hatch: “Brothers on the Fly: ‘Luke'”

Coffee?  Check.  Dry waders?  Check.  Morning cigarette?  Check.  Breakfast? Bug spray? Rod?  Check, check, check.  A leisurely morning is enjoyed by Brothers on the Fly followed by an equally relaxing day on the river in Sweden’s Lapland.

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