Potential World-Record Catfish Landed on Fly Rod

Catching catfish on a fly rod is a goal of mine; where I live in Wyoming isn't exactly a great place to go looking for catfish. So when I saw this story of an angler out of Texas who landed a potential world-record catfish on a fly rod, I was more than a bit jealous. The fish in question is a 31.55-pound blue catfish caught by Ben Christensen in the Texas...

50 Most Influential Fly Fishers

The folks over at Fly Fisherman magazine decided to take upon them the herculean task of naming the 50 most influential fly fishers ever. Their list is in-depth, and fair. While there are a few names not present that I feel should be there, that's likely personal bias speaking. The list is pretty solid. Read it for yourself, and let us know what you think.

Kenya's Fly Fishing Industry

In this fantastic piece from France 24, we learn about the burgeoning fly fishing industry alive in Kenya. And no, I'm not referring to fly tying - although that's a huge part of the Kenyan economy. No, there's actually fantastic trout fishing in Kenya. It's a place where you can spend the morning fishing for trout, and the afternoons photographing rhinos...

Video: Loon Tools of the Trade Series

The new Tools of the Trade series of videos from Loon are among some of the best fishing shorts I've seen in a long time. They're well-produced, with spectacular stories and fish featured throughout. More than anything, though, I appreciate the humanity Loon highlights in these stories. Watch their latest episode below.

Colorado Nonprofit Helps Men Fight Mental Illness

It's not a surprise to any of us who fish when we see fly fishing being leveraged as a tool to fight mental illness. All of us, I think, have partaken of that unique aspect of this sport at least once. And a Colorado nonprofit is taking that healing power of fly fishing to a bigger stage. By using fly fishing to help men cope with mental illness, Fishing...

The World's First Carbon-Neutral Guide

This profile on Kyle Schaefer in Maine Magazine highlights his two guide operations, which are reportedly completely carbon-neutral. This makes Schaefer the first officially designated carbon-neutral guide in the world, although I think the folks running the Rewa Eco Lodge would like a word. Whether or not being carbon-neutral (offsetting as much carbon...

Anglers Driving Change

Anglers Driving Chance is a new video series from Buff, that focuses on telling the stories of people who've found their life's purpose through hardship. Of course, all the stories include fly fishing, too. You can view the first two episodes here, and get alerted for the release of the third episode later this month.

Background on 'Home Waters'

Brett French - the Montana Untamed editor for the Billings Gazette  - recently published an interview with John Maclean, son of Norman Maclean and author of the new book Home Waters.  John gives some fantastic, new insight into the classic story behind A River Runs Through It.  Read the interview here.

Blue Horizon Lodge Opens in Belize

The Blue Horizon Lodge is one of the most legendary places to go catch permit. And in 2021, the updated version of this historic landmark officially opened for business. The story behind Blue Horizon, and its head guide Lincoln Westby, is one worth reading. You can do so here.

Rare Gold Bass Caught in Arkansas

I love fishing for bass, especially on a fly rod. I don't get to do it enough, and according to this story, my chances of catching a fish like Josh Rogers did are slim to none. Rogers caught a largemouth bass that was entirely gold in color. Think golden dorado yellow. It's a gorgeous fish, and you can read more about why the bass was colored that way here.