Fishpond Releases "Fish for the Future" Video

Fishpond has released a new video that's one of the best ones I've seen this year. It highlights guides - but not in the way you'd expect. Fishing guides, in this short film, are portrayed as having the positive impact that we all know they can, even if it rarely gets represented in media. This is a fantastic piece of work from Fishpond, and you can view...

The Bearded Brothers Behind O'Pros

This is a great feature by Wills Donaldson, over at Fly Lords. Most anglers have heard of O'Pros - the company that makes the third-hand rod holder. Donaldson takes us behind the scenes at O'Pros to meet the bearded brothers who run the business. This is a fun read, which you can view in full here.

Orvis Names Reenie Benzinger Chief Product Officer

Orvis made a change to their executive team, announcing that Reenie Benzinger will assume the role of Chief Product Officer in 2021. You can read more about what Benzinger brings to the role here.

New Fly Shop Opens in Ilwaco Washington

It seems like I always hear about fly shops going under, which is desperately sad news. So, when I hear of new shops opening up, I get excited. Spawn Fly Fish, which was formerly an online-only fly shop, has moved into new space in Ilwaco, Washington, right at the mouth of the Columbia River. You can read all about the shop's opening here.

Childhood Neglect, Abuse Survivors Cope Through Fly Fishing

This story comes to us from from Alabama Newscenter, giving the scoop on a group called On River Time, and what they do to help survivors of childhood neglect and abuse cope through the sport of fly fishing. You can read all the details on this spectacular program here.

Column: A Good Age to Learn Fly Fishing

This column by Sue Scheible for The Patriot Ledger is a fantastic read about a lady named Cathy, who finally took up fly fishing during the pandemic. She's in her 50s, and she finally made a dream sparked by her grandfather in childhood come true. You can read the entirety of the story here.

Paul Roos Dies at 78

Noted Montanan conservationist Paul Roos passed away at age 78, per reports from the Helena Independent Record.  Thom Bridge wrote a fantastic, heartwarming tribute to Roos, which you can read in full here.

Helping Andrew Grillos

This story broke earlier this week, but it's one that we, as a fly fishing community, can't overlook. Fly designer and tier Andrew Grillos - the Hippie Stomper is his creation - suffered a massive stroke last Friday. He's currently in the ICU, and in need of help. You can read more and find out ways to donate here.

Fishercat River Company Highlighting Fly Fishing in Baltimore

This is a really fun, interesting story that comes to use from Baltimore Magazine. Over in Baltimore, resident and lifelong fly angler Nick Rodricks is working to show the rest of the country that the Baltimore area - and Maryland in general - is a viable fly fishing destination. Rodricks started the Fishercat River Company to offer guided trips within...

Loon Hires Hogan Brown as Director of Marketing

On Monday Loon Outdoors announced the hiring of Hogan Brown to serve as marketing director.  Read the press release below for more info. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ASHLAND, ORE. (August 31, 2020) – Loon Outdoors welcomes the expertise of Hogan Brown to lead its marketing efforts. With products that perform both on and off the water, Loon has seen...