Anglers Driving Change

Anglers Driving Chance is a new video series from Buff, that focuses on telling the stories of people who've found their life's purpose through hardship. Of course, all the stories include fly fishing, too. You can view the first two episodes here, and get alerted for the release of the third episode later this month.

Background on 'Home Waters'

Brett French - the Montana Untamed editor for the Billings Gazette  - recently published an interview with John Maclean, son of Norman Maclean and author of the new book Home Waters.  John gives some fantastic, new insight into the classic story behind A River Runs Through It.  Read the interview here.

Blue Horizon Lodge Opens in Belize

The Blue Horizon Lodge is one of the most legendary places to go catch permit. And in 2021, the updated version of this historic landmark officially opened for business. The story behind Blue Horizon, and its head guide Lincoln Westby, is one worth reading. You can do so here.

Rare Gold Bass Caught in Arkansas

I love fishing for bass, especially on a fly rod. I don't get to do it enough, and according to this story, my chances of catching a fish like Josh Rogers did are slim to none. Rogers caught a largemouth bass that was entirely gold in color. Think golden dorado yellow. It's a gorgeous fish, and you can read more about why the bass was colored that way here.

AFFTA Names Lucas Bissett as Executive Director

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) announced today that Lucas Bissett has been hired as the Executive Director of the organization.  Bissett has been an AFFTA Board member for four years, serving on the executive committee for the last three, and will assume Executive Director responsibilities on June 1st, 2021. “As a fellow member of the...

Story: 'I Wouldn't Be Here Today'

If you've ever wondered whether fly fishing is as therapeutic, relaxing, and helpful as all of us claim it is, look no further than this story from WSLS News in Roanoke, VA. Most of us are familiar with Project Healing Waters - the group that helps veterans handle PTSD and other trauma through fly fishing - but we're not always privy to its results. This...

Minnesota Fly Shop Celebrates 10 Years

According to the Pine Journal, it's rare to find a fly shop in Minnesota that's been around for a long time. However, Front 20 Outfitters, owned and operated by husband and wife team Doug and Roxanne Harthan, just celebrated their 10th year in business. Read more about the shop here.

Leigh H. Perkins, Former Orvis Owner, Passes

Leigh H. Perkins bought the Orvis Company in 1965 and spent the next 30 years of his life building the company to what it is today. The following is a press release from Orvis on the passing of Perkins on May 7, 2021. Leigh H. Perkins, who purchased The Orvis Company in 1965 and over the next three decades transformed it into one of the country’s most...

Video: Tools of the Trade with John Fochetti

Loon Outdoors, the company that makes various terminal tackle like floatant, in addition to tying tools, released their next "Tools of the Trade" video. The "Tools of the Trade" series aims to highlight and award fly fishing guides for their hard work. In this episode, John Fochetti is featured. He's a guide with a nearly unrivaled wealth of experience...

Fly Fishing With Martin Luther King Jr.

This is the subject of an F3T film this year, but it's a story that's worth repeating often. Shortly before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went to Bimini, in the Bahamas. While there, King wrote the speech he gave before he died - and he did so with the company of one Ansil Saunders. Saunders is a fly fishing guide in the Bahamas, and he had...