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B.C. Mine Disaster a Wake-Up Call

The recent Mount Polley Mine disaster in British Columbia is a sobering reminder of what’s at stake in Bristol Bay. “It’s a tragedy, but a tragedy we can learn from,” writes Chris Hunt. “It should give us the perspective we … more

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Desert Dust & Oceans

New research out of the University of South Carolina is shedding light on iron levels in the world’s oceans, revealing that “life in the deep ocean depended on an annual delivery of fertilizer from one of the world’s emptiest and … more

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Video Hatch: “The Russian River: The Value of an American Watershed”

This short film from highlights the conflicts and challenges of the Russian River watershed in California wine country.

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Video Hatch: “Home Waters”

Agricultural development is threatening the world famous fisheries of New Zealand. This short film from The Trout Diaries features a veteran angler of the country’s rivers, Dave Witherow, urging action to be taken to protect trout habitat.

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“A River Reborn”

In a recent piece on Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line blog, Dylan Tomine writes about floating the Elwha River for the first time after the removal of the Glines Canyon Dam, seeing a free river and renewed salmon fishery.

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Video Hatch: “Renewal”

This short documentary narrated by Robert Redford tells the story of the hard work of returning historic flows to the Colorado River—and for the first time in 50 years, watching the river flow to its delta.

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TRCP Testifies Before Senate on Value of Outdoors Economy

Representatives from the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership recently spoke before the Senate on behalf of outdoor industries and the importance of conservation for a healthy economy. “While recreational activities like hunting and fishing might appear to be expendable or mere … more

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Video Hatch: “Saving Wild Salmon”

In this short documentary, First Nations, fishermen, conservationists, and other experts join together to explain how we can save wild Pacific salmon by changing the way we fish.

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Hacking for Fisheries Management

“Hackathons” have been used in the technology industry to problem solve and find innovative answers. And the setup is now being used in the field of conservation as well. Recently, the the U.S. Department of State hosted a “Fishackathon” to … more

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Take Action for Low Flow Closures

Wild fish advocates are pushing for low-flow closures on California’s drought-stricken Gualala River to protect salmon and steelhead. Please take time to comment on the proposed regulatory changes now through August 7, 2014. Read more in the press release below. 

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