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Trout Unlimited recently launched a campaign to use angler photos to help map wild and native fish populations across the United States. All anglers need to help is their fishing gear, GPS, and a camera. “The data could be very … more

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Kayaking the San Joaquin

Journalist John Sutter has embarked on a kayaking trip down the “most endangered” river in America: California’s San Joaquin. You can follow along his journey and observations via shared Tweets collected on a central trip website. “That’s why I’m out … more

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New Trout Unlimited Report Documents Importance of Small Streams

In face of continuing threats to the Clean Water Act, TU is asking for anglers to take action to prevent congressional meddling.

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Vacuumed Up

Biologists in Washington state are testing new vacuum-pressurized tube technology that they hope could eventually transport salmonids to rivers currently blocked by dams. “The ultimate goal would be to get fish to places they haven’t been able to access, like … more

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Trout Unlimited Calls for Protections for Fraser River

Trout Unlimited has called on the Army Corps of Engineers to do the right thing and include river protections in the final federal permit for Denver Water’s Moffat project, which would divert increased flows from the already strapped Fraser River. … more

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Fish Fight Climate Change

A new study published in The Proceedings of the Royal Society B reveals that fish in the oceans are helping to combat climate change by sequestering carbon, in a process somewhat like photosynthesis. However, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot with … more

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Trout Intelligence

In a recent conversation between authors Karen Joy Fowler and Jeff VanderMeer, they discuss animal cognition and how that should impact our interaction with the animal kingdom. For instance, is a trout too smart to eat, wonders Vandermeer. “How far … more

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TRCP Publishes the “Sportsmen’s Water Budget”

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership has announced the release of the “Sportsmen’s Water Budget,” a database that catalogs every federal water conservation program important to America’s hunters and anglers. Read more in the press release below.

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Interview with Filmmaker Travis Rummel

Filmmaker Travis Rummel of Felt Soul Media sits down with Brendan Leonard on Adventure Journal to talk about his critically acclaimed documentary ”DamNation.”  “Our hope with DamNation is to get folks to begin thinking about dams and rivers in a critical way,” … more

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TU’s Chris Wood to Senate: “Don’t Gut the Clean Water Act”

Tomorrow morning the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee will consider an amendment to an appropriations bill that would undermine Clean Water Act protections for important trout, salmon and steelhead habitat.  Today TU CEO Chris Wood had this to say about the … more

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