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Greys Introduces New Rod and Reel Combo

Greys Fishing has released a new rod and reel combo they've dubbed the "Cruise." The rod and reel combo is available in weights 5, 7, or 8, and comes in lenghts of 9 or 10 feet. The Cruise retails for $189.95, but you can buy the reel separately for around $65. The Cruise rod is a medium fast action rod that's at home in both fresh and saltwater...

Cheeky Release New Spray Fly Reels

Cheeky has announced the release of a new line of fly reels—the Spray. The Spray reels won the Best in Category award at the most recent ICAST Trade Show in July. Spray reels are a premium reel family from Cheeky, sporting a brand-new drag system for the company. This drag system is fully-sealed and boasts "top-end power that can stop those monsters in...

Get The Most Out of Your Reel

In this story over at Gink & Gasoline, Louis Cahill takes readers through a few tips on getting the best performance from their fly reels. As Cahill notes, you probably paid good money for the reel, so it's worth knowing how to make it perform at a high level. You can read the story here.

Why You Need a Smooth Drag

In this most recent video in the How to Fly Fish series over at Orvis, Tom Rosenbauer walks us through why we need reels with a smooth drag. For most trout fishing, reels are nothing more than fancy line holders, but there are occasions when you need a solid drag. You can watch the video here.

Ask the Experts: Setting Drag

In the latest edition of the popular "Ask the Experts" column over at Orvis, a collection of guides talk about how to set drag before you get fishing. You can read the story here.

Sage Releases New Saltwater Reels

Sage has announced the release of a new family of saltwater reels dubbed the Enforcer. These reels have significantly beefed-up drag compared to the Spectrum Max, and builds on the success of the company's Thermo big game reels. You can learn more about the reels here.

Cheeky Launches New Sighter Reel

Cheeky has launched a new reel series called the Sighter. These reels are full-cage frame designs, making them both light and ideally suited for using light, thin lines. Sighter reels feature Cheeky's standard Rev Carbon drag, and retail for under $200. Sighter reels are available in sizes to fit just about any fishing situation. You can learn more about...

Hardy Debuts Fortuna Regent Reel

Hardy Fly Fishing just announced the release of the Fortuna Regent reel, designed specifically for saltwater use. It sports up to 22 pounds of drag, which anglers can dial in with a single 360-degree rotation of the drag knob. Hardy says this will enable anglers to "fight big fish without missing a beat." The drag is a "multi-pad, carbon fiber" system...

Gear Review: Ventures Fly Co. Starter Pack

I recently had the chance to spend some one-on-one time with the Weekend Warrior Starter Pack from Ventures Fly Co. This starter pack has everything you need to get started in fly fishing (except waders or boots) and it's one of the most impressive beginner fly fishing combos I've ever seen. You can read all my thoughts about it here.

Recycling 101

Scott Sadil, the Angling Editor over at Gray's Sporting Journal, put this story together on how to effectively "recycle" your fishing buddy's old gear. It's a fun read that has me wondering just what a few of my friends have stashed away. You can read it here.