Innovative Technology Uses Fish Skin for Skin Grafts

Veterinarians at Michigan State University say they were able to save the life of a dog with significant burns thanks in part to an innovative technology that uses fish skin to help the body heal itself. "Fish skin has been explored as a skin substitute for people and animals in recent years. What makes it appealing is that, compared to skin grafts made...

Video Hatch: “How to Understand Tides”

In this video, Peter McLeod explains the basics of tides and how flats fishermen can utilize them to their advantage.

Fossil Provides Evidence of Fish Swimming in Unison

A team of researchers from Arizona State University along with a group from the Oishi Fossils Gallery of Mizuta Memorial Museum in Japan has found evidence of fish swimming in unison approximately 50 million years ago. “In their paper published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the group describes their study of a slab of stone...

Video Hatch: “The Return of the Cutthroat”

In this film from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, learn about the history of cutthroat trout in the state and their return to native ecosystems.

New Native Trout Challenge Kicks Off in 12 Western States

Anglers of all skill levels are invited to participate in the Western Native Trout Challenge, a program that incentivizes participants to catch native trout and char in each of the 12 Western states, and promotes support and awareness of conservation issues.

New Bonefish Spawning Research from BTT

New research from the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust conducted in the Bahamas during the recent bonefish spawning season reveals important new information about bonefish reproduction. Learn more about the findings in this article via the Fisheries Research Foundation.

Salmon Slime May Help Population Counts

New research suggests that environmental DNA may provide a more cost-effective way to monitor wild Alaskan salmon populations than traditional physical counts. “The slime that sloughs off the skin of Alaskan salmon might become the latest tool for measuring their numbers and protecting populations.” Read more in this article by Amy Matthews Amos via...

The Salmon That Survive

For most salmon, the trip upriver to spawn is their last. “The fish expend nearly every ounce of energy they have fighting currents, leaping up waterfalls, and dodging predators. In most cases, after they’ve laid and fertilized their eggs, the salmon die.” However, occasionally there are salmon that survive their grueling spawn and make the trek back...

New Marine Skin Data Gathering Patch

The Marine Skin patch, a flexible data-gathering device for tracking marine creatures, now has a new and improved version that is smaller, more sensitive, capable of going much deeper as well as gathering additional data. “The new version of Marine Skin is half the size of the original, yet reportedly has up to 15 times the sensitivity. Additionally, it...

When Fish Eat Birds

From northern pike to catfish, it has been proven that some species of fish do prey on birds. In this article by Matthew Miller, watch amazing footage and learn more about why and when fish target bird species. What was once the myths of anglers is now proven fact, says Miller, “Thanks to YouTube, David Attenborough and actual research, we now know that...