Sustainable Marine Fuel Program Rolls Out in Florida

July 3, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

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Photo: Pia Andrews/Flickr CC 2.0

Suzuki Marine USA and St. Andrews Marina, in Panama City, Florida, have partnered with Hyperfuels to offer high-performance gasoline that has potential to significantly reduce recreational boating emissions.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) announced on July 2 that they’re rolling out the first-ever pilot program for sustainable marine fuels, which will take place at St. Andrews Marine in Panama City, Florida. This will make high-performance, 93 octane, ethanol-free premium gasoline available to boaters “for the first time at a local marina,” per an NMMA press release.

By making this gasoline available to recreational boaters, NMMA estimates that using this fuel could reduce CO2 emissions from the recreational boating sector by 30%.

Sustainable marine fuels are made from cooking oil waste, animal fats, plant-based materials and other green refining methods and can be “dropped in” to powerboat engines without changes or modifications to the current fuel systems.

Hyperfuels is the company behind the development of this fuel, which they’ve been working on for several years in Texas.

This specific formulation of Purfuels™ reduces CO2 emissions by up to 30% more than E10 fuels at the same renewable content and is a first step in reducing carbon emissions from recreational boating. Future fuels, such as synthetic or e-fuels, have the potential to become fully carbon neutral.

This could have a positive impact on all recreational fishing, including guided trips that require motors to reach prime fishing grounds.

“Sustainable marine fuels have incredible potential to further reduce emissions and lower the environmental impact of recreational boating across the nation,” said Brandon Cerka, general manager of sales and marketing for Suzuki Marine.