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Is There a Secret to Untangling Knots?

Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected] Question: You’ve written several pieces about which knots to use for terminal tackle, but nothing about the other kind of common fly-fishing knots: the unintended ones you create because of wind or bad casting. A guide once told me that about half his job was untangling other...

Rising Fish Flask Pack

This pack features dedicated floatant/bottle holders, a horizontal tippet leash, tool slots, "tippet 4-life" pocket, lash system, and neoprene strap. MSRP: $59. Find more info on the Rising Fish Web site.  More mentions of Rising Fish on MidCurrent.

Rising Fish Fly Tying Tools

Angle Tweezers Rising Fish's angle tweezers are ergonomically sized with a rubber grip for comfort.  The magnetic tapered tips are designed to allow tiers to easily hold small hooks and materials.  The retail price is $9 4" BTS Pliers These pliers feature a flat tapered magnetic tip for debarbing tiny flies, as well as a properly spaced single lock so you...