Rising Fish Fly Tying Tools

Angle Tweezers

Rising Fish‘s angle tweezers are ergonomically sized with a rubber grip for comfort.  The magnetic tapered tips are designed to allow tiers to easily hold small hooks and materials.  The retail price is $9

4″ BTS Pliers

These pliers feature a flat tapered magnetic tip for debarbing tiny flies, as well as a properly spaced single lock so you can debarb without locking and unlocking the pliers.  They also feature a rubber grip.  MSRP is $14.


An accessory to be used after long days on the water, the two pieces of the SpatulaTong latch together to make tongs.  Or you can use each piece separately as a bottle opener, grill cleaner, fork, serrated blade, or wide-angled spatula.  MSRP is $30.

8″ BigNeedle Pliers

These pliers fare long, strong, and coated with a black matte finish for maximum glare- and saltwater resistance.  The $19 price point makes them a “must-consider” when it comes to saltwater and big fish applications.

Rising Fish products can be found at your local Umpqua dealer.

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