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Worn Wear Patagonia - Wader Repair

"Patagonia is in business to save our home planet." In line with Patagonia's ethos, they have made it their mission to not only reduce their impact but also help the world. One way they are accomplishing this is through their Worn Wear Van, which travels around the US repairing worn out, broken, and ripped products. Even better, they are willing to repair...

Video Hatch: "Patagonia® Foot Tractor Wading Boots"

The highly anticipated Patagonia wading boots, built by Danner, are now available to order and in fly shops. Learn more in this video from Patagonia.

"Chasing the Run"

A new trailer for Patagonia Nation's upcoming "Chasing the Run."

In the Valley of the Rainbows

Patagonia is a land of soaring mountains, wide gravel roads, cold blue rivers, and legion trout.  The fact that it's smack full of sun while the Northern Hemisphere is chock full of snow only adds to the allure.  Throw in nightly feasts of local lamb, beef, wine, wine and more wine, and you've got a veritable paradise for any red-blooded angler.  I...

Gear: Bits & Pieces

Here are a few recently tested items that will help make your fly fishing season a success. Redington RISE Reel Features an overall "skeletonized" design with radial porting that results in an ultralight product that balances well with newer (lighter), fly rods.  U-shaped, large arbor helps fly lines stack evenly during retrieve and reduces aggressive...

Video: Patagonia Women's River Salt Jacket and Ultralight II Wading Boot

Bart Bonime, director of fishing at Patagonia, talks about the award-winning River Salt Jacket and the complementary Ultralight II Wading Boot for Women.

Video: Patagonia's "Foot Tractor" Wading Boot

In this video, Bill Klyn of Patagonia goes in-depth on the company's revamped version of their high-end wading boot, the "foot tractor". What the company says about their newest boot: "Here’s the problem: Steel studs, cleats or screw heads are too hard—they skate down rock surfaces like fingernails on a blackboard. Felt wears out quickly, slides on mud...

Video: Patagonia Nano Puff Pant

Bill Klyn of Patagonia gives MidCurrent a sneak peak of the new Nano Puff insulated pant for 2015. As Bill says, "when that fall shoulder season, winter season, salmon on steelhead season rolls around - the nano pant is where you want to be."

Gear Review: Patagonia Canvas Sun Booney Hat

I owned a Patagonia wide brimmed sun hat for many, many years.  It was one of my favorite hats.  They've stopped making it and I even forget its name, but it served me well. It was packable, super durable, stayed on my head, and if need be could literally be squished into my pocket. I sewed a patch on the inside, twice, and probably put it in the washing...

Patagonia Stormfront Roll Top Pack

I've owned the Patagonia Stormfront Zippered backpack for over ten years now and I can confidently say it's the best backpack I've ever used for both fishing and photography. It's bombproof, 100% waterproof, and remarkably comfortable for a pack with such spartan straps. Patagonia has recently released a bigger brother to the Stormfront called the...