Worn Wear Patagonia – Wader Repair

Producer: Emerald Water Anglers

“Patagonia is in business to save our home planet.” In line with Patagonia’s ethos, they have made it their mission to not only reduce their impact but also help the world.

One way they are accomplishing this is through their Worn Wear Van, which travels around the US repairing worn out, broken, and ripped products. Even better, they are willing to repair any companies products, not just Patagonia’s. As anglers, we put our gear through the test and demand the best.

Waders, by nature, have a lifespan which can be determined by how you interact with them. If you are anything like us, it is not always the safest path taken and our waders subsequently take a beating. Patagonia was there to save the day and help keep our waders out of the landfill and instead on us in the water.

Video: Dave McCoy

Edit: Dale Booher