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Orvis/Michelin PRO Wading Boot

In an industry-first collaborative effort with Michelin, Orvis recently trotted out the PRO Wading Boot. Michelin agricultural tires were the point of inspiration resulting in an outsole compound specifically designed for fly fishing. Several days of testing supports Orvis’s impressive claims that the boot is highly abrasion resistant and greatly...

Tippets: Teardrop Cast, Being a Better Guide Client

When casting to spooky fish, utilizing the teardrop cast can help you achieve success. Learn how to master the technique in this post and video from Louis Cahill via Gink & Gasoline. Simon Perkins, Orvis COO, started out working as a fishing guide, and in this podcast episode, shares his experiences, “good and bad, and suggests ways we can be better...

Podcast: Wet Fly Swing Interviews Tom Rosenbauer

Wet Fly Swing's Dave Stewart chats with author and resident Orvis fly fishing expert Tom Rosenbauer and talks about the story behind Orvis, fly fishing tips & tricks and common questions.

Washing Breathable Waders

Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected] Question: I recently noticed an unpleasant odor in my car, which turned out to be caused by my waders in the back. Can you wash breathable waders without ruining them? If so, how? Mark C., via email Answer: Not only can you wash breathable waders, but you should if you want them to...

Video: Orvis BOA Pivot Boot

Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis give us an in-depth look at the new Orvis BOA Pivot boot that is durable, lightweight and utilizes the BOA dial and lace system.

"The Confluence"

The Origin Whose idea it was to get me a fly rod one Christmas I don’t know.  Maybe it was my own idea.  Maybe Santa Claus's.  Most likely it was my wife, Beth's. Unlike me, she's good at filing away gift ideas during the year. The previous spring, my father-in-law, Ted Tanner, had loaned me his nine-foot bamboo rod for the afternoon. It was an...

Video: Orvis Hydros SL Reel

Tom Rosenbauer of the Orvis company offers details on the 2016 Hydros SL, a super large arbor fly reel.

Video: Two New Orvis Rods

Tom Rosenbauer, king of all things Orvis, gives MidCurrent the scoop on the new Superfine Glass 6wt rod as well as the four new short (7'11") rods in the Recon series.

Video: Orvis Guide Sling Bag

Tom Rosenbauer, marketing manager for Orvis, talks about the company's redesigned sling bags for 2015. Some of the newer features include a new color, a stiffer back that allows for better breathability, and other changes.

Video: Orvis Recon Rods

Tom Rosenbauer, aka Mr. Orvis, thoughtfully combs over the newest "price-point" rod the company is coming out with.  The Recon series is a high-performing rod that’s priced quite a bit lower than one might think: $425 - $450 depending on size.