Tippets: Handling Fish, Reading Bass Pond Structure

  • Properly handling fish while practicing catch and release can greatly increase their survival rate. In the most recent episode of In The Loop from Redington, “Dr. Adipose explains the necessary steps for landing, handling, and releasing a fish to help minimize its mortality rate.”
  • As reading water is to trout fishing, reading structure is to bass fishing. In a second installment of his Fly Fishing Bass Ponds series, Kent Klewein writes about understanding different types of structure and using different techniques to fish them. Via Gink & Gasoline.
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NoworNeverglades: Important Update

NoworNeverglades has released a statement praising the progress made on the EAA southern reservoir and calling for congress to authorize and fund the project, which is projected to help reduce toxic discharges from Lake Okeechobee and increase clean water flows.

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Owen River Lodge Wins Prestigious Awards

Owen River Lodge has received two prestigious awards from Qualmark: the Luxury Lodge certification and a Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award.

Read more in the press release below.
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Tippets: Springtime Carping, Bass Fishing Techniques, Tips for Spotting Trout

  • From tactics and techniques to fly choice and understanding behavior, Chris Hunt writes a detailed guide for fly fishing for springtime carp in this article. “Chasing carp this time of year can put you on to the biggest fish you’ll catch all season,” writes Hunt, “but there are lots of moving parts involved in fly fishing for carp.” Read more via Hatch Magazine.
  • In this video, Conway Bowman demonstrates techniques for fishing for bass around deep-water structure. “Catching bass when they are in deeper water among rocks and downed trees does not mean you have to resort to spin tackle,” writes Phil Monahan. :It’s all about covering water and making brave, accurate casts.” Via Orvis.
  • To learn about tactics for spotting trout to inform where to make a cast, listen to this conversation between Amelia Jensen and Tom Rosenbauer on the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast, and “you’ll be surprised at how often you can spot trout if you know what you’re looking for, even in fast, deep, or slightly off-color water.”
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Key West Marine Water Quality Event

Keys Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to improving marine ecosystem health and quality of life in the Florida Keys, will host a presentation and Q&A session with FIU’s Jim Fourqurean and Bullsugar’s Dave Preston on May 26.  The event will take place at 6PM on May 26 at Studios of Key West (across the street from The Angling Company) and is open to the public. If you happen to be in town fishing, be sure to attend and hear the speakers’ updates on the state of Keys water and how Everglades and Florida Bay issues are affecting marine ecosystems.

Track the event on the Keys Alliance Facebook page or website.

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Tippets: Protecting ANWR, Upper Missouri Waterkeeper Fundraiser, Mineral Leases Threaten Boundary Waters

  • A collaborative media project of the International League of Conservation Photographers will focus its efforts on Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge this summer, as “Photographers, videographers and writers aim to fight oil drilling with evidence,” writes Chad Shmukler. Via Hatch Magazine.
  • The Bozeman-based Upper Missouri Waterkeeper organization uses “a combination of strong science, community action, and legal expertise to defend the Upper Missouri River, its tributaries, and communities against threats to clean water and healthy rivers.” They have recently launched a fundraiser page to help support these efforts.
  • The the U.S. Department of the Interior has reinstated the Twin Metals Minnesota mineral leases as well as approved its application for new leases. “The possibility of copper-nickel mining near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Voyageurs National Park moved an incremental step closer to reality,” writes Pat Pheifer in the Star Tribune.
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Tippets: Bighorn River Carp Classic, Reading the Rise

  • The Bighorn River Alliance has been holding their annual Bighorn Carp Classic Tourney since 1989. This year’s Carp Classic will be held Friday, June 22, 2018 in Fort Smith, Montana. The tournament aims “to encourage dry-fly Carp recreation and raise funds for cold water conservation efforts.” Find more information and registration details here.
  • Nothing is a constant on the water but some things are predictable, such as trout feeding behavior and rise forms. Read this article by Domenick Swentosky about some surprising observations about reading rise forms and why the trout is upstream from the rise. Via Troutbitten.
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Tippets: Casting Into the “Ring of Fire,” Angling for Calm

  • Every species has its own “ring of fire,” says Oliver White, “put the fly in that ring and it will be eaten.” Read more about the importance of casting accuracy and possible variables that affect feeding behavior in this article by Louis Cahill. Via Gink & Gasoline.
  • Fly fishing, writes Annalisa Barbieri, “forces you to be still, for you must first observe the water and study the insect hatches.” In this article, read why Barbieri fell in love with the sport and why she has continued fly fishing for the past 20 years. Via The Guardian.
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Tippets: The Mission Issue 9, A Proper English Trout

  • The ninth issue of The Mission fly fishing magazine has been released and is available freely to read online, containing features highlighting a diversity of continents and species. Read here.
  • In this article, Zach Matthews writes about fishing famed rivers of England, the Hampshire Avon and the River Test, and the culture surrounding the sport. “I came to England expecting refined technical dry-fly action for smallish runts, and I wound up air-dropping crates of protein on heavy, feisty, proper brown trout,” writes Matthews. “In Hampshire, where many of the rules were first laid down for this game we all love, the fishing is especially fine.” Via The Itinerant Angler.
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Tippets: Trusting Your Fly Choice, Tying the Bread-n-Butter

  • In this article Jesse Lowry writes about the psychological aspects of fly fishing, namely, fly choice. “If you don’t have confidence in the fly you’re using, you’re not going to make a presentation with authority, and that will definitely result in catching fewer fish.” Read more via Gink & Gasoline.
  • Like most effective patterns, the Bread-n-Butter resembles many insects and other patterns. “It looks like Dave Whitlock’s Red Fox Squirrel Nymph. It looks like a Hare and Copper, and yes, it looks like the classic Hare’s Ear Nymph,” explains Domenick Swentosky. “But if you’re a fly tyer, then I’m sure you also have your own variations that you believe in, even more so than these originals.” Learn how to tie the Bread-n-Butter nymph via Troutbitten.
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