Costa Debuts New Gold 580G Lens

February 21, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

Costa del Mar, makers of some of fly fishing’s best sunglasses, recently announced the release of a new lens – the Gold 580G. This glass lens features a rose-colored base, finished with a gold mirror, which Costa says allows for more light transmission than the beloved copper/amber lenses.

“The distinctive gold mirror treatment is inspired by life after the sunrise, the golden hour,” Costa said in a press release. “Playing on the softer and redder light from the sun during this time, 580 Gold provides a redefined style for every waterman.”

These lenses are currently available on Costa’s website, and at select retailers. They’re currently only available in select frames, but 580G gold lenses will be available in more than 20 styles.

Personally, I’m excited to see what these lenses are like on the water. I’ve been an enormous fan of the rose mirror lenses from Bajio. That rose color has quickly become my favorite all-around lens for fly fishing for trout, and it’s exceptionally easy on the eyes. Stay tuned to MidCurrent for an in-depth review of the new 580G gold lenses from Costa in the coming weeks.