Tenkara USA Launches Ukiyo Rod

December 12, 2023 By: Spencer Durrant

Last week Tenkara USA launched the newest rod in their lineup. The Ukiyo is a 9’10” tenkara rod that’s only 14.5″ long when fully closed. Of particular note, however, is the new grip you’ll find on the Ukiyo. Instead of the traditional cork, Tenkara USA went with a swelled graphite handle that’s coated in a unique sprayed-on texture. This carbon fiber grip allows for greater sensitivity, increasing the feedback an angler receives from this particular rod.

The Ukiyo is designed as an ultra-lightweight rod, meant for those anglers who want to specialize in small-stream fishing. It weighs only 2 ounces, and the Ukiyo also features the company’s patented “Keep Your Plug” system, which allows anglers to store their rod plug inside the rod itself. It’s hard to overstate how much effort Tenkara USA put into creating a premium offering that’s ideal for panfish and regular-sized stream trout. That’s where you’ll find the Ukiyo shines.

The Ukiyo takes a premium place in Tenkara USA’s lineup, as evidenced by the new graphite grip and the striking royal blue finish. It features a smooth mid-flex action similar to the company’s Rhodo rod.

You can own your own Ukiyo for $190, and they’re available now from Tenkara USA.