Tying Tuesday: Size 20 Duns With New Yarn

October 10, 2023 By: Spencer Durrant

In this week’s edition of Tying Tuesday, Davie McPhail walks us through how to tie a size 20 blue-winged olive dun while utilizing an exciting new tying material from Fulling Mill. Ultra Dry Yarn is a new synthetic material that is made from hollow fibers that have been treated to give them even greater buoyancy. This material is perfect for tying wings, parachute posts, trailing shucks, or a wide variety of other appendages. Think of all the uses you currently have for Antron yarn, but add extra water-resistance and floatability, and you have the Ultra Dry Yarn.

The flies that Davie ties here are typical of his impeccable quality and usability. You’ll definitely want some of these handy as small mayfly hatches get underway the rest of this month.