High On The Fly Launches New Products

May 13, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

High On The Fly is a small, family-run business located in Utah that sells fly fishing apparel. They company just released a new line of neck gaiters, featuring proprietary artwork and designs.

Stacey and Hyrum Weaver, who own and run High On The Fly, had this to say regarding their new products:

“We are excited to roll out this unique line of gaiters providing artistic designs that were produced by the owners of High On The Fly, who are so addicted to fishing, that we are drawing fish and tying flies in our time away from the river. We have been working tirelessly to be sure that the artistic designs and the quality of these gaiters meet a level of perfection that best represents High On The Fly and will bring happiness to every fly angler out there.”

The gaiters come in a variety of colors and design options, which you can view here. The gaiters are just the latest release in a line of apparel and accessories, all of which you can browse in their online shop.

The Weavers added that “in the near future, we plan on adding art for more species to our gaiter collection, tees, and leggings, and more graphics to our hats. Our gaiters are currently running at a fantastic promotional deal – but the prices will soon have to rise. Anyone looking to purchase at the deal price, should stop by soon!”