Tracy Nguyen-Chung and “Brown Folks Fishing”

December 27, 2018 By: Erin Block

Tracy Nguyen-Chung is the creator of the popular Instagram account, Brown Folks Fishing. “There are plenty of fish, of course, from the toothy maw of a blue-tinted lingcod to a whiskered carp plucked from the Los Angeles River,” writes Shawnte Salabert in a recent profile piece, “but it’s the people grinning alongside these catches that Nguyen-Chung really wants you to see.” She points to the importance of diversity for both the sport and conservation: “Getting more diverse folks together and on the water is really a gateway,” she says. “Throughout all of our work with Brown Folks Fishing, everything has a conservation component, because it comes back to our survival.” Via Adventure Journal.