Tippets: Shrinking Salmon, Rhode Island River Restoration, Decline of Juvenile Steelhead

March 21, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Researchers from Alaska and Washington recently analyzed 40 years of data taken from 85 king salmon populations ranging from California to Alaska. “The results show that the fish are both decreasing in size and maturing earlier,” writes Mark Hieronymus in The Drake. The research was published in the journal Fish and Fisheries.
  • Removal of the Bradford dam on the Pawcatuck River in Rhode Island is the final step in restoring a free-flowing waterway for migratory species of fish. “This final removal opens up nearly all 34 miles of the river to migratory fish. Herring and shad will now be tagged and tracked to see how they’re using the river.” Read more from Matthew Miller via Cool Green Science, The Nature Conservancy.
  • Recent research from scientists at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has shown that “declining survival of juvenile steelhead in the ocean is strongly coupled with significant declines in the abundance of adults.” Via Science Daily.