2% for Trout Program – The Fly Shop 

March 19, 2018 By: Erin Block

The Fly Shop has announced a new program called 2% for Trout. Through the program 2% of the cost of travel packages will be donated to help conservation efforts of California Trout and The Conservation Angler.

Read more in the press release below.

2% for Trout Program – The Fly Shop 

Working together to protect and enhance our wild fish and fragile angling resources through research, education and advocacy

The Fly Shop® is one of the largest and most recognizable name in fly fishing retail and international travel. We’re proud to announce that we have now partnered with California Trout and The Conservation Angler (two of the American West’s most conscientious environmental stewards) to help support and fund their conservation efforts through our domestic and international travel business.

What’s that mean? Every time a member of Cal Trout or The Conservation Angler makes a reservation with us to Alaska, Kamchatka, Argentina, Mexico, or any other local or worldwide fishing destination, we’ll be making a donation to their organization equal to 2% of the cost of the package.

These two conscientious environmental stewards work to ensure wild fish and their environs are healthy, protected and flourish. California Trout is a nonprofit organization ensuring resilient wild fish thrive in healthy waters for a better California. The Conservation Angler advocates for the protection, scientific study, and conservation of iconic wild anadromous fish populations and the rivers in which they thrive.

This is one of the first of many similar announcements we present and we hope will become a revolutionary conservation alliance in our sport.

The Fly Shop, located in Redding, California been in business for 40 years and is one of the largest and most successful independent brick and mortar fly fishing companies in the world. In addition to publishing a 170 page full color catalog mailed to more than 200,000 fly fishers annually, it operates a full international travel department that services in excess of 2,000 fly fishers a year, a local Northern California guide service, fly fishing schools, as well as kids and family fly fishing camps.

“Here at The Fly Shop®, it’s always been about people. Since April of 1978, I’ve worked to surround myself with the most talented staff, the best products, and the finest angling travel destinations in fly fishing. Along the way, most of our customers became our friends. Everybody says they’re the best, but my people have been proving it since our doors opened. And after 40 years our reputation says it for us.”  –  Mike Michalak – Owner

California Trout (CalTrout) is a leading nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure resilient wild fish in healthy waters for a better California. Established in 1971 by a group of passionate anglers, they revolutionized fisheries management in California through the restoration of Hat Creek and its designation as the state’s first Wild Trout Water. In those early years CalTrout also rallied to establish catch and release as the predominant modern angling ethic. Today they solve complex resource issues throughout California driving innovative, science-based solutions that work for the diverse interests of fish, farms, and the community. They use proof-of-concept project successes to establish precedent, empower partners and influence statewide policy. Through seven regional offices their work reaches across California, benefiting local communities and those who visit California’s beautiful rivers and streams.

The Conservation Angler advocates for wild fish and fisheries, protecting and conserving wild steelhead, salmon, trout and char throughout their Pacific range. The Conservation Angler is a watchdog organization – they hold public agencies, countries and nations accountable for protecting and conserving wild fish for present and future generations – using all legal, administrative and political means necessary to prevent the extinction and to foster a long-term recovery of wild steelhead, salmon, trout and char to fishable and ultimately, harvestable abundance.


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Curtis Knight
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California Trout
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Pete Soverel
The Conservation Angler
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