First Glance: Nature Boy Designs Hat(ch) Patch

hat_patch_1The hat you see here is one of my favorites. No snickering, all you folks from the pacific northwest…. It’s not a hat I’m willing to put flies into when I’m fishing. Mainly because I paid like $40 for it at the Bronco’s team store. Stupid, I know. I do however have a propensity to do just that with most other hats when I’m fishing. That’s why when I came across the Hat(ch) Patch from Nature Boy Designs I took a keen interest.

I’ve just started using the patch and have to say I’m already digging it. No, you can’t cover your entire bill with bugs, but that’s not the point. If you’ve got than many flies in play for a day, get a box. What it does allow you to do is utilize a hat you didn’t want ruined (by pulling bugs on and off). It’s also handy if you’re not into going out to dinner after a hard day of fishing looking like you just stuck your head out the window of a moving car during a massive stonefly hatch. Simply remove the patch and viola, your brim is bug-free. The patch is good-looking, low-profile and very easy to get on and off. It’s hand made by Nature Boy—Keith Westra himself—and costs $19.99.

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