Author: timromano

Video: Cheeky Fishing Triple Play

Cheeky Fishing's Ted Upton explains the company's triple play option, which pairs a reel and two spools in a Fishpond Sweetwater reel case for the price of a reel and a spool.

Video: Costa's Motu Sunglass Frames "Kick Plastic"

Pete Vandergrift from Costa Sunglasses goes over the company's new Motu frame, the fact that it utilizes a bio-resin, and how the company is trying to "kick plastic" with all of their products.

Video: Redington VICE Fly Rods

"Easy casting, fast action" is how Josh Prestin describes the new 4-piece VICE fly rod series from Redington. The VICE is priced at $199.95, carries a lifetime warranty, and comes in 15 different models.

Video: Montana Fly Company Introduces Kelly Galloup Flies

Jake Chutz welcomes fly tyer Kelly Galloup to the Montana Fly Company and goes through the list of some of his salaciously titled and big-fish-producing streamer patterns.

Video: Smithfly New Products 2017

Smithfly ups the ante in 2017 adding jackets, waders, and a whole slew of new products for 2017. Founder Ethan Smith explains a couple of them here.

Video: Scientific Anglers "Amplitude" Line Series

Scientific Anglers R&D manager Josh Jenkins explains the company's newest line series, Amplitude, and how it stacks up with lines from past years and competitors products.

Video: De-Fishing Soap

Founded in 2003, Saint Inky’s De-Fishing Soap was created by the wife of an avid fisherman to remove lingering fish and bait odors, and has won praise from fishing, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts the world over. Here president of the company David Leon talks about some of the attributes.

Video: Scott Flex Fly Rod

Jim Bartschi, president of Scott Fly Rods, goes through the design features of the newest fast-action, freshwater fly rod the company is calling Flex. It comes in 16 different builds, weights three through eight, and is priced at $475.

Video: Rep Your Water New 2017 Products

The husband-and-wife team at Rep Your Water gives MidCurrent a sneak peak at some of the new styles of their apparel for 2017.

Video: G.Loomis Asquith Fly Rods

Famed rod designer Steve Rajeff of G. Loomis rods goes into detail about the collaboration between parent company Shimano and G Loomis in the new series of fly rods the company is calling "Asquith."