MidCurrent Conversations: Paul Bruun

August 20, 2012 By: Marshall Cutchin

WE BEGIN a new series called “MidCurrent Conversations” this week.

In our first interview we speak with Paul Bruun, who has been guiding on Wyoming’s Snake River for more than 35 years.  Paul hung up his “pro” license last year and now spends more time writing than he used to–a very good thing if you’re a fan of his columns and articles, which are among the most articulate and well-researched in all of outdoors writing.  Marshall Cutchin asks Bruun about “old-style” journalism, muffalletas, the difference between guiding and fishing, and how fly fishing styles have changed over the years.  Read the full interview, listen to the podcast, or download it to a mobile device for your next drive to the river.