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How to Tie a Leisenring Spider

This truly classic-looking fly is called a Leisenring Spider. I have deviated significantly from the original pattern in terms of the tying sequence and techniques, but I think the end result is fairly close to what Mr. Leisenring intended. Rather than going old school, I begin with a modern-looking, Fulling Mill 5105 barbless hook in size 14. After getting...

Safety Tips for Fly Fishers

Question: "What safety precautions should I take when I go out fishing?" Answer: We seldom think anything is going to happen to us out fishing, but you never can tell. Most people who enjoy the outdoors recommend not going by yourself if you’ll be fishing where there aren’t other people around, but even if you’re going with a friend, here are some...

"What's In Our Fly Fishing Packs" (A More Casual Take)

"In which Jon and Steve open up the inner sanctum of their fly fishing packs and show you what's inside. Every angler knows that of the collecting of fly fishing gear there is no end. And all of us use slightly different setups. So we're not saying our fly fishing gear setup is the best one out there, but it gets the job done for us. We wouldn't call this a...

"Creativity Under Cover"

"Sometimes fly fishing throws curveballs at us that require a little more thought, attention to the details of casting angles, axis, or trout location. This is one of those situations. A back cast of 4 o'clock doesn't sound right, but sometimes it's all you have in order to avoid the shroud of vegetation as well as to load the rod to get above the...

How to Get Your Fly Out of a Tree (Humor)

For when the inevitable happens.

Sight Fishing Big Trout in Ultra Clear Water

"This was the first day back fly fishing with Alex in months, we hiked in to a popular Taupo river in search of big browns on the fly rods. We found one!"

"Hammer Fish Part 2: Louisiana Redfish"

"3 guys chasing after giant bull redfish with a fly rod."

Fly Fishing England

Curtis Fleming and  Rick Heim head to England to fish for brown trout on some of the oldest and most famous rivers in the world with the highly skilled guide William Daniel.

How to Organize Your Fly Fishing Pack

Cheech and Lance reveal how they organize their fly fishing packs, using new and old versions of the Umpqua Zero Sweep line.

Fly Fishing for Mullet with Flip Pallot

"Me and my friend Flip Pallot go on a mission to catch mullet on fly in the St. John’s River in Florida."