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Rigging Streamers for Trout Fishing

Leader and Tippet Selection While fishing streamers you can use heavy lead- ers and tippets that prevent the trout from break- ing off before the knot pulls loose. I got this advice from my good friend John Barr. I was using 3X for streamers, but John said, “If the fish is willing to commit to taking a streamer on 3X fluorocarbon, it will not shy away...

Catch More Trout | Fish The Hang

Legendary stillwater angler Phil Rowley explains the importance of "fishing the hang" to catch more trout.

Trout Mecca: Missoula

"We are back in Montana and couldn't have asked for a better first day on the water! We headed out from Missoula to fish the upper sections of the Bitterroot River and were rewarded with quite possibly the best day of fishing I have ever had in my life!!! We caught several nice cutthroat and rainbow trout and plenty of smaller ones."

Learn to Fly Fish: Things You Need to Get Started

In the first episode of their Learn to Fly Fish series, Lance and Cheech walk you through most of what you need to get started.

"Long Time Comin'" - Fly Fishing Montana

"Since I picked up a fly rod, my cousins and I have dreamed of fishing out west. This past summer we made that trip a reality and we can't wait to go back!"

The Cast in Four Parts

Slow-motion video shows the four essential parts of a fly cast:  the pickup, back cast stop, forward stop, and presentation.

The Nerdy World of Trout Leaders (Humor)

Huge Fly Fisherman gets nerdy with trout leaders.

How to Master Stillwater Retrieves

Phil talks about the various retrieves that work well when fly fishing in a lake – breaking down the retrieves by length, speed, cadence and the pause between each pull. Phil talks about how to differ the retrieves according to fly style being fished – whether a bait fish pattern or a natural swimming insect.

How to Tie a Woolly Worm

The Woolly Worm is kind of like the less-famous, somewhat maligned, older brother of the Woolly Bugger. But I’ve always found it very effective for both trout and panfish. I start with a Lightning Strike SN3 3X long streamer hook in size 12. After getting the hook firmly secured in the jaws of my tying vise, I’ll pick up just the smallest amount of...

Inside the Box: Episode #21 - RIO Products Creek Fly Line

RIO PRODUCTS CREEK FLY LINE Weight-forward line designed to load at close ranges, ideal for spring creeks and smaller waters. FEATURES - Designed to load at close range - Perfect for small streams and creeks - Ideal for smaller nymphs, dries and streamers - Supple coldwater core for tangle-free performance $79.99 More info...