Author: midcurrent

"The Dam That Never Was | A Conservation Story of the Yellowstone River"

"Numerous stories have brought light to the troublesome nature of damming our wild rivers. The waterway loses it’s attitude and beauty. Native fish, wildlife and habitats suffer in the name of "progress". This story however, is not of a river lost, but the story of a river saved. The Yellowstone river is the longest un-dammed river in the lower 48. Had it...

"Pandemonium: Big Risk, Little Reward"

"A fly fishing adventure film with big risks and little reward. Robert Hawkins (Bobby Nachoes) and Aaron Przybylski (Area Man) of Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop have been planning this trip for the past 2 years. The adventure sends them deep in to an unknown jungle where they search for a bucket list fish."

Net Hacks: How to Rig Your Net

"Looking for some options to rig your fly fishing net? Check out some of our net hacks...."

Small Stream Dry Fly Nirvana | Dubois, Wyoming

"In one of the most exceptional videos we've ever made, Tom Rosenbauer & Mark Melnyk are searching for BIG Cutthroat Trout on dry flies with guide Jeramie Prine owner of Dunior Fishing Adventures near Dubois Wyoming. Many consider this region to be some of the most breathtaking scenery in the west combined with outstanding small stream dry fly fishing...

Kelly Galloup: How to Get a Stuck Fly Rod Apart

In this video, Kelly will show you the best way to get a stuck fly rod apart. It works every time and doesn't require another set of hands.

How to Tie a Wood Duck Nymph

When I shoot video of mayfly nymphs underwater, their dark markings really stand out. I know that shape, size and color are important for imitating them but markings have got to play a part. The Wood Duck Nymph is kind of the embodiment of this idea, dark markings everywhere. The entire fly is produced using just a single wood duck flank feather along with...

Photos: The Fish Are the Heroes

The classic big fish photo — a happy angler in a red shirt gripping a big, dripping trout and grinning at the camera — decorated fly-fishing magazine covers shot for decades. So, anglers got used to taking their own hero shots during their fishing adventures. Walk into any fly shop, and you’ll see sun-bleached shots of grinning anglers holding big...

Fishing the Predator Fly with Skip Morris

Learn the best and deadliest methods for catching panfish, largemouth, smallmouth, and trout on the ultra-popular Predator fly with its originator, Skip Morris.

Ten Tips for Fishing Low and Clear Water

"I used to be intimidated by fishing in low and clear water conditions. However, I've come to love confronting the challenges presented by these conditions and I've even started to seek them out the last few years. In this video, I share 10 tips I've learned for how to catch trout consistently in clear water. I also put these tips into practice in a pool. I...