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Sancho Vida: Fly Fishing the Green River, Wyoming

"Fly fishing the green river in Wyoming is an experience that humbles the most seasoned of fly anglers. Sancho Vida takes a look at just how epic streamer fishing this famous river can be when the fish cooperate!"

Guided Fly Fishing: How to Be a Good Client (Humor)

"In which you will learn how to have a productive day on the water with your guide."

Croatia on the Fly: Crazy Fly Fishing for Mahi Mahi

"In this episode we go offshore again and is all about fly fishing for mahis (in Croatia), crazy amount of fish that we had under the boat can be seen at 4:35.!!"

Hank Patterson's Fish-cation From Hell!

"Happy Halloween everyone! Here's a horrifying fishy film trailer about a horror film that doesn't exist. Best watched in costume whilst consuming mini candy bars. Snap It!"

Non-Slip Mono Loop Knot for Trout and Tippet Up to 30#

"This is a great knot and my preferred knot for tippet 3X and larger, or tippets up to 30# test. It is especially helpful for providing a fly more action."

How To Make a Snap T Cast

In this episode of RIO's "How To" series, RIO brand manager Simon Gawesworth explains how to make a Snap T cast with a Spey rod. While watching this, you will get a step-by-step lesson on how to make a good Snap T cast, with each of the three casting strokes broken down and explained in Simon's typically clear and simple style. In addition, Simon runs...

How to Tie the Icy Hot Jig

I call this fly the Icy Hot Jig. Over the years, I’ve found that flies with blue in them seem to be very effective during the winter months. And by adding some orange and yellow, I kind of get an egg effect as well. Although we’re just coming into winter now, this fly has shown a lot of promise. For a hook, a Lightning Strike JF2 jig hook in size 16 is...

The Magic Half-Inch

The Half-Inch Zone One of the great — and maddening — things about fly fishing is that the solution for almost every angling problem is right out there, hiding in plain sight. Trout make me crazy all the time. Sometimes they’re rising, and I can’t find the right fly. Sometimes they ignore what I think is the right fly. Sometimes they ignore...

Russell Chatham Passes

Famed landscape artist, angler, and writer Russell Chatham died Sunday, November 10, in California.  The San Francisco Chronicle published this about the artist, noting: "For the past few years he had been living in Point Reyes Station. He was painting and fishing and at work on a memoir about fishing on San Francisco Bay titled 'Tide, Wind and Fog.'"...

Artist, Writer, Angler: Russell Chatham Passes

I last spoke to Russell Chatham three years ago. He was working on the PR for Roger Keckeissen's book on Art Flick and bemoaning--with my full cooperation--the trajectory of fly fishing away from an art form closely connected to protection of wild places to a mere occupation where trophyism and greed prevail.    Russell had a habit of aiming at a target...