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How to Tie a Rusty Spinner

The Rusty Spinner is one of those fly patterns that really needs no introduction - kind of like a Woolly Bugger or an Adam’s Parachute. It’s found in virtually every fly shop and catalog, and is, by far and away, one of the most effective flies that’s ever been, particularly for fishing at or after dark. This version, although a little fiddly in...

Should You Give Euro Nymphing a Try?

No doubt you've heard of Euro or tight line nymphing by now.  You might have even heard some fellow anglers question whether it is fly fishing. (Fly fishers are fond of rule making.) But if you take all the variations of "fly fishing" practiced by anglers in the last hundred or so years, Euro nymphing is very close to the core of what fly fishing is...

Inside the Box: Episode #77 - Trxstle Fly Fishing Apparel

Enter our April 2021 Trxstle Apparel Giveaway!  NEW APPAREL FROM TRXSTLE * Bare Creek Rain Jacket * 4-Of-A-Kind Specialized Fleece * Bucking Brown Sun Hoody Bare Creek Rain Jacket Trxstle’s new Bare Creek Rain Jacket is constructed of ultra-lightweight 40D nylon fabric with just the right amount of stretch. - Fully taped waterproof seams, perfect jacket...

Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing

"Tom Rosenbauer and Mark Melnyk travel to Dubois Wyoming to experience some of the outstanding dry fly fishing that is available on small streams."

"Fly Fishing Some of the Most Amazing Looking Water I've Ever Seen" (New Zealand)

"Moving on to the next stage of my trip, I hit a tough patch as I dodge weather, search for new water and more fish but end up fishing the most spectacular looking river I may have ever seen. Straight out of an Avatar movie, it was like stepping back in time..."

Five Flies for April 2021 - Spring Fly Fishing in Cheesman Canyon

"While spring in the Rockies often time means bigger flies and a wider variety of hatches to imitate, the Dorseys (Pat & Forrest) know that it's never a bad time to play the hits. While stoneflies and caddis will be present and fish will key in on them throughout the month, we know that (especially on the tailwaters) midges and blue-winged olives can be...


Lessons learned from less-than-great days.

Short Line Streamer Fly Fishing: How To Break Down a Large River Pocket

"Large rivers can be intimidating. However, when you look at a big river to its micro-components, all the rules of fly fishing small streams instantly apply. When you break down a large river to fly fish, you instantly see buckets, pockets, seams, individual rocks, shelves, troughs, riffles, ledges, and so much more! In this video, Dave breaks a river that...

Dry Fly Fishing Cutthroat Trout - Stunning Dry Fly Fishing at the Peak of Summer in Alberta

"Cutthroat trout, dry flies and the peak of summer go together so incredibly well! We hit a small cutthroat trout water at the peak of summer and arrived to simply an amazing day of dry fly fishing and rising cutthroat trout. This was a special day that simply fired dry flies and rising cutthroat and we were able to capture stunning shots of dry fly eats...

Guide to Indicator Fly Fishing

Tom Rosenbauer discusses the uses of various indicators and how they are used to successfully nymph fish different parts of the water column for trout.