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How to Tie the Manhattan Midge

This is a variation of Forrest Dorsey’s Manhattan Midge, which is, in itself, an enhanced version of other patterns in the Dorsey family of flies. What makes this version a little different is the red Umpqua U-Series, size 20 scud/pupa hook. Although the hook isn’t terribly small, plunger-style hackle pliers make handling them much easier. Just secure...

"Not My River"

I fished the last day of the season under a pale autumn sky, on a river I don’t call my own. I know this unpromising water about as well as a woman met in an airport lounge before a flight to Havana, or Vladivostok when for a moment much felt possible. If the sun had risen further south the river would have been shadowed by a monument on a volcanic cone...

Last Call: Saving the Nation’s Atlantic Salmon from Extinction

Editor's Note: This is the second article in our series on fly fishing conservation.  This series appears with the support of Swift Fly Fishing, makers of Epic Fly Rods. Will wild native Atlantic salmon go the way of the passenger pigeon, or will we be able to bring them back from the brink of extinction as we did the bald eagle, our National Bird, or...

Prospecting Streamers in Rock Shelves Below Cliff Walls

We set the drone to follow along on a slow day's fishing and clamped the camera onto the boat. And then we simply rowed and cast to various structure points as we drift. Prospecting streamers can be a ton of fun for the sheer number of fish moved many days, other days just moving a few fish is exciting after dries and nymphs don't produce. There's no hard...

"WHAT'S In My BACKPACK?" (Humor)


How to Find Trout in Rivers: Part 1

"Tom Rosenbauer breaks down the essentials of locating trout in rivers in this special two-part video series. From eliminating unproductive waters to his top fly patterns to use on any trout river, this video covers a broad spectrum of critical information for any angler."

"The Lost Years: A Watershed Moment"

Another compelling tale of personal pathfinding and discovery from Blue Forest Films.

"Fly Fishing for Trout in a Lost World"

"Following on from last week's video, we push upstream and keep finding better fishing as we go. Some good times, a bit of carnage and cheeky banter as usual."

Chased Off the River By Mosquitos

Scenic, secluded fishing... with mosquitos.

"Reflections/The Green"

"REFLECTIONS / THE GREEN is the second part to my reflection video series where I revisit some of my favorite trips from the past few years and give you a fresh edit with new clips never before seen! In this video I get out with my dude Donicio Gomez to spank big rainbows and browns in one of the most iconic waterways in the West!"