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Author and Fly Fishing Event Founder Beau Beasley Profiled

Mark Taylor tells the story of former Virginia paramedic Beau Beasley, who came to fly fishing through a fascination with popping bugs and went on to found the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival and the Texas Fly Fishing and Brew Festival. Beasley has also written for MidCurrent and is the author of two books, Fly Fishing Virginia and Fly Fishing the...

The Passing of a Father, the Birth of a Passion

The passing of his father and thoughts about his two young boys inspired Jeff Davis to create rod builder Maine Fly Company.  "'How do I want to raise these boys? Dad coming home late and leaving early with a briefcase? Or Dad living a dream and inspiring these boys to do the same,' he said. 'That was very important to me.'" Peggy Keyser tells the story in...

What's the Right Length for a Trout Rod?

Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected]. Question: I understand that you might want a really short rod for small streams and a 10-footer for float-tube fishing or steelheading, but when you’re buying a trout-weight rod (say 4 through 7), how do you decided whether you want an 8-1/2 footer or a 9-footer? Most companies...

Fly Fishing Strategy Tips

Choosing Flies Size Matters When choosing trout flies, the relative importance of fly characteristics in your selection, in order, should be: size, shape, color, and action (for stripped flies). In saltwater, action is often more important than exact size and shape. Dropper Flies or Tandem Rigs Dropper flies are a trout angler's secret weapon. A simple...

Opening the Lid of Todd Davis’s "Coffin Honey"

Appalachian landscape; Appalachian culture and lives. There is a vastly rich intersection between the two in Todd Davis’s new collection of poems coffin honey, Michigan State University Press, 2022. Not as much a righting of a world gone awry, as a kind of witnessing or coming-to-rites of the world as is, each poem in the collection drips in both death...

"How Maine Fly Company Survived a Global Pandemic | Fly Fishing in the Northern Maine Wilderness 2021"

"2020 was an impossibly difficult year for most people, but small businesses took the lions share of the fallout. Learn how MFC founder Jeff Davis was able to lean on his community in the beautiful state of Maine to weather the storm."

"Epic Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing"

"I am truly grateful to have experienced a day like this. I was all smiles, all day even during the 4 hour drive back home. Once the temperature rose, you couldn't have asked for better weather. Barely a breeze all day."

"Tiny Dry Flies on Flat Water: A Master-Class in Patience & Finesse"

"Many fly fishers struggle fly fishing tiny dry flies on flat water. It's not easy. Patience, timing, finesse and countless subtle components go into successfully taking big rainbow and brown trout on tiny dry flies on flat water. In this video we share real-time and real-life fly fishing scenarios and tips on a challenging day of light wind, & slow...

"Drone Fishing Fail" (Humor)

"How NOT to do it."

"Remote Fishing for Large Trout" (New Zealand)

"First trip of the season with my buddy Dustin and we head out on a beautiful day soon after a heap of rain. We put in some km's and get right off the beaten track looking for some quality fish."