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How to Tie a Water Walker Variation

This is a variation of Will Dornan’s popular Water Walker fly. I’ve definitely cut some corners as compared to the original but the fly still works remarkably well, particularly in this red and black color combination. The fly starts with a size 8 Dai-Riki #710 hook, but anything that’s 3X long in the size 6-10 range will work just fine. Begin by...

How to Make Fish Bite (Humor)

"Guaranteed to work or your money back!"

"Prospecting & Twitching Big Foam Beetles in Trout Rivers"

"Foam beetles catch trout. So when we showed up on the ONE cold, wet day in the 4 week forecast with zero insects and nothing rising, there was only one way to get the cutthroat and rainbow trout to rise: FOAM BEETLES! We head out with our friend Mark Edwards of Oldman Outfitters http://www.flyfishinginalberta.com and float a small river in search of...

Summer Conditions: How to Approach Clear-Water Trout

"Rising rainbow trout are exciting to watch and especially fun to cast dry flies to. Rainbow trout typically are free-rising trout - they love dry flies! However as summer carries into low, gin-clear conditions the dry fly fishing can get tougher. That's exactly what we run into on this day and we have to find and work around spooky rising rainbow trout. It...

"Glades Days: Where the Sawgrass Meets the Pavement"

"I hit the streets of Miami with a few friends and fly rods as we chase Tarpon throughout the city. The Greater Miami Area borders the vast wilderness of the Florida Everglades, lending much of its waterways to the fish that wander our waters. In association with the Bonefish Tarpon Trust."

"The Best Fly Casting Lessons I've Ever Heard - Fly Casting (feat. Flip Pallot)"

In this video, Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters and Flip Pallot sit down to discuss some awesome fly casting lessons that Brian has coined as 'Flipisms' from over the years of he and Flip fly fishing together.

"Fly Fishing: Two Methods, Lots of Fish"

"Fly fishing Some local rivers for rainbow trout using both a switch/two-handed rod to swing some flies and the classic nymphing rod to dredge up some nice fresh run rainbow trout."

"The Quest to Catch Maine's Rarest Fish | For Wild's Sake: The Rare Trout Chronicles | Episode 2"

***BUY A BLUEBACK TROUT PRINT HERE: https://tightloopsfly.com/store/blueb... *** Join us for episode 2 of For Wild's Sake: The Rare Trout Chronicles, season 1! A series which explores human beings relationship to the natural world, in hopes of gaining a better understanding of how and why we assign value to wild things and places. In a quest to illustrate...

"Fly Fishing the Fall River, Central Oregon"

"The Fall River is relatively short at 12 miles in length and meanders through tall pine forest and green meadows as it finds its way to the Deschutes River, Oregon. Just outside of Bend, Oregon, the Fall River is clear, cold and spring fed; home to persnickety and sometimes trophy sized Redband trout."

Catch-and-Release: All It's Cracked Up to Be

Editor’s Note: This is the eighth article in our series on fly fishing conservation.  This series appears with the support of Swift Fly Fishing, makers of Epic Fly Rods. Catch-and-release is not overrated. In fact, short of stopping fishing, something very few of us are willing to do, catch-and-release is the best tool we have for maintaining natural...