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"Euro Nymphing Secret Weapon: Micro-Leaders"

"Not a secret but a great addition to your Euro nymphing toolkit, the micro-leader is a must-have."

Nymphing Conditions: Guide Tips

Mark Melnyk is casting streamers for trout and conditions change. Professional guide Alyssa Halls explains how light conditions can dramatically impact fishing and why switching to nymphs is the logical choice in this situation.

"Natural State: Public Lands Fly Fishing"

"Wild is defined as a natural state: unaffected by the hand of man. As the earth’s human population continues to grow, truly wild places are slowly disappearing. With unmatched native plant life, glaciated wetlands, and jagged limestone reefs, the Rocky Mountain Front is one of the most biologically rich regions in the United States. Public lands like The...

"Mending: Fly Fishing How-To" (Humor)

"featuring Colby Crossland's foot"

Fall Fly Fishing and Spawning Brook Trout

"Our plan to fish a new spot quickly turned into a scouting trip when we realized the amount of Brook Trout that had already started the fall spawn. Unfortunately, we did not get many fish to the net this day but still had some really cool encounters and had a great time being on the stream with good friends."

Fly Fishing Small Dry Flies in Low Light

"Fly fishing small dry flies can be challenging and massively rewarding. One of its greatest challenges is during low light periods of dawn, dusk, or dark, cloudy days. In this video we examine steps you can take to track your dry fly in order to hook up the trout that eat your small dry fly in those low light periods."

"Fly Fishing Gear Review: This Season's Stand-Outs"

"I definitely need a better title if this becomes a series. This is a rambling review about a few things I've used over the course of the guide season that I have come to love and depend on. "

How to Fly Fish for Redfish in Southeast Louisiana: Leader, Rod, Reel, Line and Flies

"In this video, I'll discuss how to fly fish for redfish in southeast Louisiana - leader, rod, reel, line and flies! There's not much as exciting as fly fishing for redfish in southeast Louisiana. This trip, I found myself in the marsh with near perfect sight fishing conditions. One flat was staked with big redfish and another held giant black drum...

October Bones: New Caledonia

"With my buddy Louis, we had the chance to spend some October days on the New Cal' flats."

"Take Two" - How to Catch Trout Feeding in Close Proximity

"Finding two large brown trout feeding in close proximity presents a challenge: can you approach, cast, hook, and fight the first brown trout in order to not spook the second? While this scenario doesn't play out often, during stonefly hatches or heavy tailout mayfly hatches you can certainly find two large trout in close proximity. In this video we first...