Author: midcurrent

"Secrets to Share"

I haven’t seen a fish in Bonnie Brook for nearly three weeks. They’re there, these wild trout, retreating to their secret places, much too skittish to take a fly in the thin water as high summer approaches. I could drive to the salt, cast heavy streamers to impossibly large fish, or make the long drive to one of the tailwater fisheries, where cold-water...

Wooly Bugger Fly Co. Rod and Vest Giveaway

Register for a Chance to Win One of Three Great Prizes! Grand Prize: Spectre Fly Rod 4- Piece, 9-Foot 5 Weight - By Snowbee "Multi-Modulus Carbon Technology" 4-Piece Rod The fine profile blanks use predominately 40-ton carbon fiber, blended with a small amount of 36-ton to deliver a crisp middle-to-tip action. Precise engineering of the carbon matt lay-up...

"A Painful Kiss Goodbye"

"Life is full of surprises. On our last day in New Zealand this year Dave got the surprise of his fly fishing life - and it wasn't the 11lb brown that ate his dry."

Fly Fishing for Big River Smallmouth

"In June, I made it down to Alabama to meet up with my 2 good buddies, Adam and Steve, from Blue Line Flies. They had been raving about the smallmouth fishing in their area, for a while, so I figured it was about time to see what all the hype was about. We spent 4 days getting after it and the fishing did not disappoint!"

"The Heather Hatch" (Wales)

"At a height of 1,200 feet, the 920 acre Llyn Brenig is recognised as one of the best top-of-the-water fisheries in the UK. The most anticipated hatches by anglers on Llyn Brenig is the Bibio Marci / Heather Fly which typically hatches during the months of July and August. Wayne Jones takes to the banks of Llyn Brenig in search of the infamous Heather Fly...

Fly Fishing for Dorado and Pacu on the Upper Secure River at Tsimane

In May of 2017, Oliver White, Marcelo Perez, and Rodrigo Salles ventured up to the crystal clear waters of the Upper Secure River to fly fish for dorado and pacu. This trip was filmed by Matt Jones and his crew and is now edited by Camilo Duarte and available to watch in a new film short sponsored by Patagonia.

"Bass Fly Fishing: Episode 2" (Humor)

"The final episode of the comprehensive 2-part series."

How to Tie Single and Back-to-Back Duncan Loops (Uni-Knots)

The Duncan Loop, which was authored by Norman Duncan but which is often called the Uni-Knot, is a great all-purpose knot that serves a variety of purposes, including tying tippet to fly, braid to mono, and connecting two pieces of  material with back-to-back knots. The knot is commonly referred to as a Uni-Knot because of its popularization by Vic Dunaway...

"Epic Fly Fishing For NZ Chrome Trout!"

"Fishing For NZ chrome trout on some epic rivers from around New Zealand's central North Island. Caught loads of trout."

"It's Hopper Season in the Driftless Region"

"Every state has a Mill Creek, and in some cases they have multiple! This particular Mill Creek is in the great state of Wisconsin and is full of spunky wild brown trout."