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Inside the Box: Episode #15 - Sage Igniter Fly Rod

SAGE IGNITER FLY ROD A new generation of Sage's fast-action rods meant for windy conditions and heavy flies and making longer casts easier. FEATURES - KonneticHD Technology - Chipotle blank color - Cayenne thread wraps with Gunmetal trim wraps - Cocobolo wood insert with gunmetal anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat - Flor grade snub nosed half-wells cork...

How to String Up a Fly Rod (Humor)

"It's easy, but I still mess it up a lot."

How to Catch Trout in Shallow-Water Undercuts

Brown trout love to hold near undercut banks because such a lie offers them the best of all worlds: they don't have to work against a fast current, they have a conveyor-belt of food going by, and the safety of the undercut bank means that they feel safe. In this episode of “Master Class Monday,” Dave Jensen shows you how to approach such a trout lie...

How To Fish Nymphs in a Lake

Simon Gawesworth explains and demonstrates how to fish nymphs in a lake or stillwater. Simon runs through some key retrieves that all nymph anglers need to use, and explains what the best rigs to fish nymphs and chironomids (buzzers) are. Every lake angler will find a time when fishing nymphs and chironomids is the very best way to catch fish.


"In which Jon and Steve go fly fishing at Bowman's Island on the Chattahoochee River and catch a ton of trout. They've fished many times at the Buford Dam, but this is their first foray downstream to find some hungry trout."

Basic Rowing Techniques for Fly Fishers

Learn the basic oaring techniques to be safe on the river. No matter if you're in a hard boat or a raft, you need to learn these strokes.

Sliding Strike Indicators for Trout in Lakes

Phil Rowley explains how to setup and effectively use a sliding indicator when lake fishing for trout. Getting the depth correct for your flies is extremely important.

Fly Fishing Australia's Snowy Mountains

"This winter we packed our bags and headed south to meet up with our friends from Aussie Fly Fisher. Our first stop was in the Snowy Mountains, where we met up with local guide Mickey Finn. Even though we only had two days in the Snowy's we had a chance to target rainbow trout on a one-day float trip and then sent it up into the mountains to find some wild...

Inside the Box: Episode #14 - Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Duffel

FISHPOND THUNDERHEAD SUBMERSIBLE DUFFEL A super-durable and water-tight duffel that is both nice to look at and very functional, whether for travel or boats FEATURES - 39L (2,379) cu. in. capacity 680 denier nylon made out of Fishpond's Cyclepond technology, recycled commercial fishing nets - TPU welded fabric construction - TIZIP submersible main cargo...

Fly Tying: How to Tie a Mickey Finn

I can’t believe I’ve done more than 450 tying videos and am just now getting around to doing a Mickey Finn. But, as they say, better late than never. For this fly, I’m going to take full advantage of my vise’s rotary function. It’s not absolutely essential, but does make producing the fly’s body much easier. For a hook, I’m going to go with a...