Author: midcurrent

"Catching Big Golden Trout in a Small Creek! (Tenkara Fly Fishing)"

"In this video I head to a secret creek in an undisclosed location and catch surprisingly large golden trout in a surprisingly small stream."

"Rising Cutthroat Trout & Small Stream Dry Fly Fishing"

"Cutthroat Trout are a joy in low, clear water conditions in small streams. Eager to rise and eat dry flies, cutthroat trout are a friend to fly fishers as well as those capturing their rising on video! We set our to find rising cutthroat trout in a small stream on a busy holiday weekend and while we were limited in water we certainly found some willing...

"Fly Fishing Brown Trout in Wind- Casting, Line Control & Locating Trout at Peak Summer Conditions"

"We fly fish a new to us reach of water at the peak of summer conditions - low, clear water and a warm afternoon pushes trout to specific lies and locations in the river. A windy afternoon presents challenges and we share how we adjust our fly casting to deal with the wind and take failures casting into the wind to successfully catching a few solid brown...

Rafts vs. Driftboats for Fly Fishing

"Which one is right for you?"

"Escape to the Mountains - Bonaventure River Canoe Poling & Fly Fishing Adventure"

"On this Gaspé adventure, we use wilderness techniques to light fires while off-the-grid in the backcountry, cook over the fire, and navigate our canoes while listening to the sound of salmon jumping in the crystal clear water right beside our campsite. Canadian bush life at its best! After reaching the remote river via a forest access road, you'll see my...

"3 Day Wilderness Adventure in Assynt | Fly-Fishing Scotland"

"In early September I spent 3 EPIC days hiking, car camping and fishing for wild brown trout in the hills of Assynt, Sutherland. On the first day I was joined by my good pal Conan. We had so much fun, I forgot to film most of it! On the second day I hiked up into the clouds to fish a group of remote limestone lochs. The weather took a turn for the worse but...

"Nymphs and Streamers to Rainbow Trout"

"I snuck out again to escape lockdown madness setting in and take advantage of another sunny day. Fly fishing for lake run rainbow trout in low clear conditions and mixing up the methods to see what I could rustle up."

"Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Finally Book Their Dream Fly Fishing Vacations"

"After a year and a half like we’ve just had, we all could use a vacation, especially our friend Guillermo who turned to his friends at Expedia to help."

How to Build a Terrestrial Fly Box

"Signature Tyer Charlie Craven builds us his take on the perfect terrestrials box from his bins at Charlie's Fly Box in Arvada, Colorado. From 'Extra Terrestrials' (Beetles and Ants) to Hoppers and general attractors Charlie walks us through his selected patterns, what makes them work and shares a few tips along the way."

"Montana, Episode 2"

"In this video, Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters fly fishes in Yellowstone Montana back country at Slough Creek before making his way to Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn."