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Pirarucú - Amazon's Giant Arapaima

"Pirarucú is native term for arapaima, the ancient, air breathing, giant fish of Amazonian rivers and lakes. One of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the pirarucú can grow up to 10 feet long and can weigh up to 485 pounds. The pirarucú has been a very special fish for people in this region, and I was treated to an exceptional...

"Big Sky PMDs"

"Each July, I find myself heading back to my home state of Montana. Over the past 15 years, many of these trips have included an adventure with my good friend and master spring creek angler, Pete Corbett who is owner of Creekside Angling Company in Issaquah, Washington. We like to fish the Southwest region of the state. For this 2013 fly fishing trip, we...

5 Fly Fishing Hacks in 3 Minutes

Five fly fishing hacks in less than three minutes.

Fly Fishing in Northern British Columbia

Some beautiful footage in this film put together by Destination British Columbia.

"Crazy Fly Fishing Story" (Humor)

A story about anglers brought together by redfish and social media.

3 Methods to Catch Trout Fly Fishing

"On this day I caught trout using 3 different methods: indicator nymphing, dry fly, and swinging a fly on the 2-handed rod."

Casting Quickly on the Saltwater Flats

Jon Covich of Cuba Fishing Outfitters has been to Cuba over twenty times, as well as many of the other premier flats destinations around the world. There are lots of things to do to prepare for the saltwater flats. Distance casting, improving your accuracy, etc. But casting quickly so that you do not lose the chance at a fish is one of the most important...

"John Gierach's Secret"

Extra scenes from the 2012 Gray Ghost Productions release "Turning Tail." Featuring world renowned author John Gierach, who sheds some light on the secrets of living a fulfilling life.

Learn to Tie Flies Ep#2: Best Budget Vise?

In the next in our series of learning to tie flies, we get into some of the better options for a budget vise. Don't let a smaller budget deter you from learning to tie flies.

“Why Not to Use an ‘Improved’ Clinch Knot”

"After many years of guiding, I like a standard clinch knot for tying on standard flies with tippet 3X - 7X in size. On heavier lines I prefer a non slip mono loop."