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Fly Fishing with Vintage Fenwick FF75-4 Glass Rod

This is the first video in a new series where Michael Evanko goes fly fishing for trout with vintage fly rods. In this video he pursues wild brook trout in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania with a vintage Fenwick FF75-4 travel rod. This 7'-6" fiberglass fly rod was manufactured in 1968-1969. This rod is a tough find because 4-piece travel rods were not common...

Cast Like a Pro Series: #8 Hauling

Fly casting expert Bruce Richards covers the advantages of hauling when fly casting and offers several useful tips.

How to Land a Fish With a Fly Rod

Huge Fly Fisherman demonstrates "how to land fish, like, gracefully, and stuff."

Bass On a Fly

Bass are the number sport fish in America and for good reason. They are great fighters and are in virtually every state! Host Tom Rosenbauer details the basics of getting started in fly fishing for bass. He even compares conventional tackle lures to matched flies. A wonderful starter video for anyone keen to add fly fishing to their bass fishing options.

"Sometimes, It Happens"

Fly fishing outside of Flamingo, Florida, Steven Tejera, fishing with Captain Benny Blanco, has a very large tarpon eat his fly 20 feet from the boat. Shot in 2010.

"The Road South"

Some terrific footage of fly fishing in New Zealand.

"Getting Your Expert On" - The School of Trout

There are two main categories of trout fishermen. First, there are the anglers who enjoy spending time on the water in the company of family and friends, and who fish well enough to catch the occasional trout on a fly. When these folks have the financial wherewithal to hire a guide, they’re happy to follow that guide’s instructions to the letter. It’s...

"A Fishing Dog"

For 30 years now, I've looked forward to Salmonfly Madness on Oregon's Deschutes River. But I dreaded it this year. I wasn't worried about getting away from the mobs of other anglers — or the long odds against really nailing the perfect day of silly, big trout whacking silly big flies. I was worried about Berkeley, our fishing fool of a Labrador. Berkeley...

Gear Review: Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket

The Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket is undoubtedly the product of designers listening to customers who ask for and suggest specific features in a wading jacket. Orvis labels it a “a full-featured jacket” – and that it is (partial list appears at base of review). What makes this wading jacket a standout, as the product name clearly points out, is its...

Fishing a Dry Fly Upstream

In this insightful video Rob Perkins explains the advantages of fishing a dry fly upstream, and talks about the correct angles to cast the fly to reduce drag and not spook fish. Rob also explains the importance of keeping a tight line when fishing this way, and ends the video by catching a beautiful brown trout.