Fishpond Tech LTE Low Tide Hydration/Lumbar Pack

As an angler, I aspire to be a minimalist. When I trout fish, the happiest evenings are those when I wade into the river in boots, wearing nothing up top other than my shirt with a pair of scissors/hemos threaded through a single spool of tippet clipped on my pocket, and an empty snuff can filled with about 20 or so flies tucked inside. Being “dialed” is angler nirvana.

But on the flats, I’m never really “dialed.” Still, under the sun, I am the consummate minimalist, willing to trade utility for comfort. I don’t want to feel the weight. I don’t want to be chapped. And most of all, I don’t want heavy fabrics adding to the sweat factor.

So I have chosen a very simple, streamlined lumbar pack to wear around my waist when I fish the flats—the Fishpond Tech LTE Low Tide Hydration/Lumbar Pack.

Let’s get a sensitive issue out of the way right here, right now. We don’t all have model bodies. Certain fanny packs just don’t jibe with the spare tire. ‘Nuff said about that.  And too much capacity can ultimately be a bad thing, when it comes to hiking around extra weight.

This pack, which is made of lightweight materials and costs around $70, has just enough capacity in its main zipper pocket to hold a large fly box, and a couple extra small containers for specialty patterns. It has an outer zip pocket to contain a license, leaders, tippet, and those types of things.

Best of all, it has two specialty slots for holding water bottles, which come in especially handy in hot environments. You can fasten your pliers, a knife, or a utility tool to the Velcro belt straps, and you’re good to go.

Fly fishing is, of course, a game of experience, and the more you can do, with less, the better. This pack is a good choice for those of you who have a clear understanding of the objectives at hand, and the tools you need to meet them.

Sometimes, less really is more.

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