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Review: Columbia AirGill Chill Zero Shirt


There’s no easy way around this, so I’m going to lead with the fact that this fishing shirt carries a suggested retail price of $130.  I often fish in T-shirts (even on the flats)… my favorite, custom-order T-shirt is a … more

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Cabela’s CGT Fiberglass Fly Rods


I was recently asked whether or not I thought fiberglass rods were “the next big thing.”  It’s hard to call a technology that’s been around for decades a “next big thing.”  To me, it’s more a “what goes around, comes … more

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Sage Xi3 Rods and Big Jungle Fish


This is an arapaima, a juvenile version of the largest freshwater fish in the world (with scales). It’s one of the first of these fish ever to be caught on a fly. It was hooked in the jungle waters of … more

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A Really, Really Good Strike Indicator


Far be it from me to get excited about strike indicator fishing… usually. But I’ve had a chance to work with the StrikeIndicator Tool recently, and I think this New Zealand-born innovation might be the best new idea I’ve seen … more

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Review: Scheyden Precision Eyewear


Sooner or later, we’re going to reach a point of diminishing returns in terms of polarized eyewear for fishing. And though I know I upset some readers when I review “expensive” items, I also know that the majority of the … more

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Manley’s Super Pliers


My favorite gear recommendations are the things that aren’t splashy and that not many people know about, but that certain guides swear by. This one comes courtesy of my buddy Oliver White who owns and operates Abaco Lodge in the … more

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ZebraLight Headlamps


Whether you’re camping without electricity, or fishing past the evening hatch (read mousing!) a great headlamp is important. As I’ve said before, I’m a minimalist, so heavy, complicated systems with many wires and attachments don’t do it for me, even … more

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Fishpond’s Dakota Carry-On Case


I’m often asked how I travel with fly rods. Truth is, when I travel, I’m usually on a story assignment, so I’m more likely than not to be lugging a laptop computer and a camera or two. Because carry-on luggage … more

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Simms BugStopper Shirt: “As Advertised”


The Simms BugStopper NFZ (for “No Fly Zone”) shirt, which is new for 2012, does exactly what it’s supposed to do—keeps you from getting bitten by insects while fishing. As an added benefit it also offers 50+ UPF sun protection, … more

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REVO Water Lenses Definitely Worth a Look


REVO is a major player in the fashionable eyewear market, and the company is starting to make a push into the fly fishing arena with some pretty impressive frames and lenses. I know, I know… just what the fly fishing … more

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