Gear Review (Video): SporTube Vac Rac Combi

February 21, 2012 By: timromano

I’ve used many forms of rod racks for vehicle transportation over the years. Racks that go inside and racks that go outside. Racks that protect fly rods and ones that don’t.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries in the world photographing fly fishing for a number of media outlets and have seen many ways to get a rod from our accommodations to the water. The one rod rack that I’ve seen the most the world over is the SporTube Vac Rac Combi.  It’s been almost everywhere I’ve traveled. For some reason I’ve never owned one. That is until a few weeks ago.

Since getting it I’ve been putting it through the paces and can honestly say for the price, and complete ease of set up and removal there is no better rod rack. Simply stick the two magnetic bases on your car and viola, you’re done. When finished, peel it off.  Speeds up to 65mph didn’t seem to be an issue either.

Of course if you’re looking to protect your rods from trees, weather and the potential errant rock this isn’t the rack for you. The video below shows off the rack in action and some of the finer features. MSRP $89.95