NuCast Non-Slip Clamps

NuCast Nippers

When you think about it, what’s the tool hanging from your vest or pack that gets the most attention?  Your nippers? Solid answer. Your hemos are probably right there in the mix also.

Lately, I’ve been dabbling with scissors and clamps from NuCast, a company based in Ranch Santa Fe, California, and I like them. NuCast offers a fairly wide array of accessory products, from nippers to scissors, even fly boxes and reels. What I’ve landed on are the cutting and pinching instruments that have “NuFoam” non-slip grips. Maybe that’s because I have thick fingers, and I’ve left a few too many shiny (expensive) pliers and hemos on the river bottoms where I have dropped them. This grip is tacky (not in a bad way, in a touch way). They feel rubberized, and they adhere to your hands. The metal components are reliable, and consistent.

You can opt for squeeze (mitten) clamps, or more traditional finger hole instruments, but that added sense of grip and feel—especially when you’re looking one way and fumbling in another (like, when you’re playing a 20-inch brown toward the net)—does come in handy. It’s worth checking out, and might save you money down the road.

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