Waterworks/Lamson Litespeed 2 Hard Alox and Force ULA SL Fly Reels

September 27, 2011 By: Kirk Deeter

Litespeed 2 Hard Alox

The Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed is very popular among anglers because it combines a very slick drag system in a lightweight package, at a price that isn’t nearly what other “premium performance” reels cost. The Litespeed 2, new for 2012, has a redesigned spool that has been flattened slightly and the handle moved “outboard” in order to keep knuckles away from moving parts. The drag knob has also been redesigned for better grip, and the counterbalance is now a milled in feature of the spool face. Like with other premium Waterworks-Lamson reels, the spool face is pocket-milled, which increases strength and stiffness without adding weight. MSRP: $309.

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