Fish Pimp Strike Indicators, Floatant, and Line Cleaning Tool

Fish Pimp Strike Indicators

Offering three different ways to attach them to your leader (see video below), Fish Pimp‘s new strike indicators ($5.95) are among the most versatile on the market.  The company says they’re also up to 30 percent lighter than other foam indicators because of their dimpled surface — which also makes them easier to cast than a traditional strike indicator.

Fish Pimp Floatants

Fish Pimp has several new fly floatant products to choose from.  Their 2 Chambered Shake-n-Float ($11.95) is well-thought-out. It takes the act of applying floatant in a brand new direction by allowing you to apply a silica-based drying agent, and then a hydrophobic floating agent to the fly from within the same container (see video above).

Perma Fly ($6.95) is another Fish Pimp floatant that, instead of being intended for use on the water, is meant to be applied when you’re still at the fly tying bench.  Using the latest in fluorochemical technology, this product that will not harm CDC or change the presentation of a fly.

Fly Sauce ($3.95) is their third new floatant for 2011.  This product is temperature-stable and won’t leave any type of “oil slick” around the fly.

The fourth and final new floatant from Fish Pimp is Shake-n-Float ($5.95).  This is a disposable floatant that incorporates both the drying and floating agents incorporated in the 2 Chambered Shake-n-Float, only it combines them into a single application.

Renew Line Tool-line winder/cleaner

Fish Pimp’s Renew Line Winder/Cleaner ($9.95) is a new rod-attached line-cleaning tool.  Now there is no excuse for having a dirty fly line.  The line winder/cleaner comes with Fish Pimp’s Renew cleaning solution, which is also available separately.

You can purchase Fish Pimp products directly from their Web site or from your local fly shop.

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