Sage 4200 Series Reels

October 12, 2010 By: Alex Cerveniak

4200 Series are available in black, bronze, or chrome (pictured).

4200 Series Fly Reels

Made from fully machined anodized 6061 T6 aluminum, Sage Manufacturing‘s new 4200 series reels are tumble-polished and then inspected by hand to ensure there will be no issues with durability, strength, or corrosion resistance.  The reels were engineered with a new, lightweight design to help reduce casting fatigue when spending long hours on the water.

“This series of reels took a great deal of advanced engineering in order to include every detail yet still be priced reasonably for our customer,” said Sage’s Director of R&D, Kurt Van Wyck.  “The real value and technology story here is based around the unique Floating Tripod Drag system.”

The Floating Tripod Drag is one of the more unique configurations of Sage’s Sealed Carbon System drag technology.  It consists of a carbon disc riding on a stainless steel rotor supported by a triangle of three smaller carbon discs. Like a three-legged stool, the system is perfectly balanced and light-weight, providing smooth resistance through its full range of adjustment.  The one revolution drag knob is numbered, offering quick and precise drag adjustments.

The Floating Tripod drag is sealed so anglers don’t have to worry about the troubles that arise from sand, dirt, and salt.  To clean the reel, simply rinse it off.

Reel sizes for the 4200 series range from a 3/4-weight to a 9/10-weight and are available in black, bronze or chrome.  Each size is fitted with proportionately sized reel handles and drag range.

Prices range from $289 to $319, depending on model.

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