RIO Launches New Trout Line

February 4, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

RIO Products just announced the production of a new Trout LT (“Light Touch”) series of fly lines with long front tapers and super-delicate tips for soft presentations.
The Trout LT comes in three colors and retails for $69.95.
Read the extended entry for the full press release.

RIO Products announces a brand new fly line for the trout angler
IDAHO FALLS, January 1st, 2010 – For the 2010 season, RIO products is pleased to announce the launch of a new trout fly line, perfected for the presentation orientated fly fisher. The new Trout LT (Light Touch) is available in both a weight forward and a double taper profile.
The Trout LT has been designed for the ultimate in performance for traditional trout fly fishing techniques and features a long front taper with a delicate tip that ensures the softest of presentations. The weight forward models have a long head that makes roll casting and mending easy and a weight distribution that allows a rod to load at close range. The unique double taper profile is exceptional for transferring energy efficiently to the tip, for effortless roll casting and for the very lightest of presentations. Both the double taper and weight forward lines are perfect for fishing dry flies, soft hackles, emergers, nymphs and chironomids.
The Trout LT is created with a supple braided multifilament core and features an extremely soft, AgentX coating, which makes these high floating lines incredibly easy to lift quietly off the water, and ensures they are totally memory-free. RIO’s XS Technology results in a very smooth and slick, dirt-repelling finish, while the Super Floatation Technology ensures the line tip stays afloat.
As with all premier RIO weight forward trout lines, the Trout LT also features RIO’s unique DualTone system that marks the sweet spot of each line by providing an obvious color change, and welded loops in both ends that makes for fast and easy rigging.
The Trout LT is manufactured in 3 color options: the double taper is a non-spooking sage color in DT1F to DT6F sizes. For weight forward aficionados, anglers can choose between a visible beige/sage combination in WF1F to WF7F, and a subtle camo/beige version in WF3F to WF7F. The manufacturer’s suggested selling price is $69.95 and the lines are available from all RIO authorized dealers.
or more details or information contact: Simon Gawesworth, [email protected] or Zack Dalton, [email protected] at RIO Products Intl., Inc. or check out the RIO Products web site at: www.rioproducts.com.