MidCurrent Fly of the Month: the Parawulff

October 17, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

This week on MidCurrent, Joe Grobarek talks about our Fly of the Month, the Parawulff — a now-classic pattern that Jack Dennis concocted from the best features of the hair-wing and parachute dry flies.
“In the spring of 1931, the fly fishing duo of Lee Wulff and Dan Bailey could be found fishing the prolific trout streams of up-state New York using Lee’s new and revolutionary hair wing dry flies. Adorned with buoyant and sturdy buck tail fibers on their wings and tails, Lee’s new creations were a far departure from the sparse dressings of the day. As these flies first hit the water, we began a whole new era in dry fly trout fishing … sturdy attractor flies with meaty silhouettes that rode high in the water and fished well in fast currents.”