Tippets: Orvis-Endorsed Awards, Two-Hand Trout, Spring Flies

  • Winners of the 2016 Orvis-Endorsed Awards have been announced. The awards recognize excellence in sporting experiences through the Orvis Endorsed Lodges, Outfitters, and Guides Program (ELOG). Read more about this year’s winners.
  • Steven Brutger writes about fishing two-handed rods for winter trout. “Sacrilege in circles of steelhead purists and dry fly fanatics, I’m not ashamed to nymph for trout. A two handed rod is deadly in this application.” Read more via Stalking the Seam.
  • If you’re looking for great flies for spring fishing, Ryan Bunn highlights the top ten patterns for high, off color water of early season waters. Via Sierra Trading Post.
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How to Tie a Peacock March Brown Parachute

John Collins ties a Peacock March Brown Parachute in this week’s featuring fly tying video.  As videographer Tim Flagler says: “John’s a fixture at regional tying shows, a fellow member of the Regal Pro Staff and, as you will see shortly, works in the construction industry. A couple of materials used in the fly are a bit difficult to find but it’s worth the search because they so closely match the coloration of the naturals.”

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Tippets: Zimmerman Talks Carp, Summer Road Trips, Audubon’s Bullet Proof Fish

  • Author and fly tier Jay Zimmerman talks about flies and strategies for catching carp in the most recent Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio episode. Zimmerman also speaks about his book, “The Best Carp Flies: How to Tie and Fish Them,” as well as a forthcoming book, “The Best Bass Flies: How to Tie and Fish Them.” Listen Here.
  • Summer is the season for road trips, and if you’re headed for the Rocky Mountain West this year, don’t miss this great article from Todd Tanner on gearing up for success. Via Hatch Magazine.
  • It turns out naturalist John James Audubon was a prankster, planting sketches of fabricated “bullet proof” fish in the book of a colleague, Constantine Samuel Rafinesque. Read the story and view pages from “Medical Flora of the United States” via Hyperallergic.
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Video Hatch: “An Artist’s Frontier”

The second season of Redington’s “Find Your Water” series kicks off with this beautiful films short featuring artist Josh DeSmit as he explores Western rivers in search of inspiration.
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Tippets: Planning Ahead, River Guide Willi Cannell, Catch More Trout

  • While spur-of-the-moment days can end well, a good game plan is important for success. From reading maps to fly presentation, Kent Klewein writes “a basic outline of what’s important and provide a foundation that fly anglers can use to further build and elaborate on in their own ways.” Via Gink & Gasoline.
  • As the owner of Solitude River Trips, Willi Cannell spends his life on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. A recent interview by RedBull features the passion he has for his work. And if he isn’t guiding rafting trips, he’d rather be fly fishing.
  • To catch more trout, you need to think like a trout, writes Tom Keer. From feeding behaviors to rigging, read strategies for success on the water, via Take Me Fishing.
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Tippets: Angling Author Pseudonyms, Tips for Tying Efficiency, Thailand’s Walking Cavefish

  • Angling authors have often used pseudonyms when publishing their works. An interesting new page via Wikipedia highlights the people behind the writing. Read more here.
  • Bob Reece offers great tips for preparations that will make your time at the vise more efficient. “The tips in this video are not meant to rush you through the process of creating your flies. Instead, I hope they serve as methods that help you to become more productive and efficient in your creative pursuits behind the vise.” View the instructional video via Orvis.
  • A new study on a walking and blind cavefish in Thailand gives insight into the evolution of fish to land-vertebrates. “This is one of the first fish we have that is a living species that acts in a way that we think fishes must have acted when they evolved from a fluid environment to a terrestrial environment at the very beginning of the fin-to-limb transition when the first limbs evolved in our earliest ancestors,” says research lead Brooke Flammang. Via EarthSky.
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Tippets: Fishing Beaver Island, Spotting Tarpon, Peacock Herl Up Close

  • If you’re interested in planning a fishing trip to Beaver Island, don’t miss sage advice on prime season, accommodations, travel, and guides. Via Third Coast Fly.
  • Tarpon can vanish in an instant. “Once you find a fish, or a school, don’t take your eyes off of it for a second,” writes Louis Cahill. “You may turn to check your back cast and look back to find an empty flat.” Read 11 tips for spotting tarpon via Gink & Gasoline.
  • Before your next tying session take a look at this set of photographs from Waldo Nell of peacock feathers seen through a microscope. Via PetaPixel.
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Tippets: Florida Bay Collapse, Saving New Zealand’s Rivers, Dismantling Dams, NOAA Hatchery Plan, Johnson Creek Restoration

  • Florida Bay is in danger due to hypersalinity and loss of seagrass. “Florida Bay is on the knife’s edge” of collapse, said Everglades Foundation wetland ecologist Stephen Davis at a Monday awareness event held in Islamorada. Via Keys Info Net.
  • Rebecca Macfie profiles ecologist Mike Joy and his work to save freshwater streams and rivers of New Zealand. “We’ve squandered our environmental riches,” writes Macfie, “and ended up with a pattern of degradation that places an inequitable burden on the poorest communities.” Read more via The New Zealand Listener.
  • The Obama administration and the state of California have reached a landmark agreement to tear down four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River, bypassing Congress to restore a major salmon fishery on the Oregon border. Read more via SF Gate.
  • NOAA Fisheries has released its final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the proposed hatchery and genetic management plans for winter steelhead hatchery programs in Puget Sound in Washington State. Read a summary of the EIS here. Via NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region.
  • A recent restoration project on Johnson Creek in Portland, Oregon planted native trees and shrubs along the streambank.  It will “increase native plant diversity, and enhance water quality by filtering pollutants and assisting with erosion control.”  Johnson Creek is the only salmon-bearing stream that runs through the city. Read more from Neva Knott on Ecotone Exchange.
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Video Hatch: “High Country | Long Wands”

This short film highlights spectacular backcountry fishing in Australia. Via Tom Clancy.
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Tippets: Fishing Argentina, Rigging Dropper Line

  • Jeremy Kehrein, Sporting Travel Program Manager for Orvis Adventures, pens a detailed guide on fishing Argentina in a recent post on the Orvis blog. “Patagonia is so large and its waters so varied that anglers can find any kind of trout fishing they desire, from mountain lakes to small streams, and from spring creeks to powerful rivers.”
  • Having previously addressed tag and trailers for rigging dropper flies, in a new article Domenick Swentosky explains how to rig an add-on line as well. “The add-on line is just another quick solution that solves problems, and once you realize it’s an available option, it comes in handy pretty often.” Via Troutbitten.
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