Public Lands Measures Attached to Defense Bill Ensure Habitat Protection

Bipartisan efforts in a House vote resulted in the approval of vital public lands measures for protection of fish and game habitat, and designation of new wilderness areas.

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Video Hatch: “River Snorkel: Under The Ice”

Go beneath the icy crust of winter to get an underwater look at Coho salmon in their last days, after their magnificent run and spawn. Via River Snorkel.

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TFM’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

Cameron Mortenson is kicking off the holiday season with the annual 12 Days of Christmas giveaways on The Fiberglass Manifesto. The event began Monday, December 8th and will run through Friday, December 19th, with daily gear giveaways centered around the theme of “Made in the USA.” Head to The Fiberglass Manifesto for details on how to enter.

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Video Hatch: “The Curse Of The Black Bigote: Trailer”

A group of anglers explore waters off the Yucatan Coast in this trailer for the upcoming film from Lateral Line Media.

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Tippets: Tying Tenkara, Commercial Filming Directive

  • In a recent article, Daniel Galhardo writes about the design and efficacy of tenkara-style flies. “Just like I got into fly-fishing because of flies and fly-tying,” he writes, “I can say that the tenkara flies and what they represent certainly had some impact on my interest in tenkara too.”
  • A recent proposal from the U.S. Forest Service would limit commercial filming in wilderness areas on National Forest Service lands. In a recent piece on Hatch Magazine, Tom Sadler of the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America explains the proposed rules and weighs in with OWAA’s response.
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How Otoliths Are Used In Fish Aging

To determine the age of a fish, biologists use a part of the inner ear called otoliths, which develop rings in similar manner to a tree. A recent article on The Fishing Wire explains how the data is collected and used to manage fisheries.

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How to Tie the Hippie Chick Midge

The multi-colored Hippie Chick Midge is the focus of this week’s featured tying video. Videographer and tier Tim Flagler says, “The idea behind the Hippie Chick Midge was to incorporate numerous bright colors into a single fly in hopes that trout respond to at least one.”

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Clashes in the Grand Canyon

The proposed Grand Canyon Escalade development is not the only threat facing the Grand Canyon. A continuous stream of commercial and retail construction projects are put forth, says David Uberuaga, park superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park. Of the Escalade development, Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers, says, “Building this suburban development there would have an impact on the lifeblood of the national park. It’s a threat to the groundwater supply of the Colorado River. We named it as the most endangered river in the nation two years ago.” Via The New York Times.

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Tippets: False Casting, Facts on The Greenback

  • As tempting as it is to false cast between presentations, a little goes a long way, as Kent Klewein explains in a recent article, “The 4 Ways False Casting Hurts Anglers.”
  • The state fish of Colorado, the Greenback cutthroat trout, has experienced some controversy over recent years due to new genetic research that indicates the fish stocked in years past were genetically mixed with other cutthroat trout species. Read more about the history and future of this fish in a recent article by Phil Monahan.
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2014 Fly Tying Symposium Winners

Winners of the fly tying and casting competition at the International Fly Tying Symposium, held recently held in Somerset, NJ, have been announced.

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