Tippets: Moth Larvae Patterns, Drag Free Dry Flies

  • Terrestrial insects are an important food source for trout. In this article, Barry Beck writes about moth larvae, including go-to patterns and techniques to use on the water. Via Fly Fisherman.
  • Successful dry fly fishing requires enough slack in the line to allow the fly to move naturally on the water. “The key to success in the dry fly game starts with drag free drifts as a baseline,” writes Domenick Swentosky. “For that, the dry needs some slack to unfold gently behind it without pulling the dry off course.” Read more via Hatch Magazine.
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Tippets: New Technology for Monitoring Fisheries, Cutthroat Trout Rescued from Wildfire, Snake River Dam Removal

  • Recent approval of electronic monitoring “ushers in a new technology for data collection that will help not just fisheries in California, but fisheries around the world as well.” Cara Byington reports on the new technology and pilot programs, via The Nature Conservancy.
  • During the Hayden Pass wildfire in 2000, rare cutthroat trout were rescued from the south prong of Hayden Creek. Now in the Roaring Judy Hatchery near Gunnison, Colorado, the Hayden Creek cutthroat trout are now being reintroduced to area streams. Via Denver CBS.
  • David A. Cannamela writes about the Snake River and the proposed dam removal in a recent article in The Idaho Statesman. “Treating the symptoms is not the same as treating the cause,” he writes, “and only treating the cause will bring a lasting solution.”
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Video Hatch: “Heartbeat of Fishpond”

This latest film from Fishpond highlights the company’s passion for conservation and vision behind their products.
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Tippets: Stand Out Fly Patterns, Work Ethic on the Water

  • In a recent article Landon Mayer writes about crane flies, damselflies and mice, and choosing unique patterns that stand out on the water. “Large trout can be lazy by nature and resist spending excess energy to feed. This is why some targets can be reluctant to take small bugs on the surface, but lose their minds when they have the opportunity to hunt and destroy one big monumental meal that catches their eye.” Via Fly Fisherman.
  • From casting practice to walking the extra miles to water off the beaten path, Louis Cahill writes about attributes of the work ethic of successful anglers in this article via Gink & Gasoline.
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Far Bank names Larry Barrett as President and CEO

Far Bank Enterprises has announced Larry Barrett as the company’s new president and CEO. Barrett has served in the role as an interim basis since January 2017 and has been with Far Bank since 2005.

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Video Hatch: “Westcountry Mayfly”

This short film from Luke Bannister features the peaceful streams of England’s Westcountry.
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Tippets: Dangers of Lip-gripping Devices, Ten Tips to Improve Angling Skills

  • In this recent article Sascha Clark Danylchuk examines research behind lip-gripping devices and the damage they do to fish. “These three studies constitute a start to the much-needed research on lip-gripping devices, and given the diversity of these devises and the species they are used on, clearly there is more work to be done.” Via Keep Em Wet.
  • From delicate presentation to casting in a crosswind, this compilation of ten tips from Pete Kutzer, Phil Monahan, and Tom Rosenbauer will make you a better angler. Via Orvis.
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Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing with Ann”

This beautifully shot film highlights a fishless day. “Guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching,” says filmmaker Nicholas Anderson.
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Tippets: Fishing From a Driftboat, Outdoor Retailer Show Moves to Denver

  • In the most recent episode of RIO’s “How To” series, ambassador Rob Parkins explains how to fish a large terrestrial from a drift boat.” Rob’s top tips and great information reveal how easy and effective these big flies are in the heat of summer.”
  • For the foreseeable future, Denver, Colorado, will be the new home for the Outdoor Retailer trade show. “After nearly 18 months of intensive and harried negotiations, Visit Denver has booked the twice-a-year trade show in the city’s Colorado Convention Center for five years.” Via The Denver Post.
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2017 3 Rivers Carp Cup

Now in its 6th year, the 3 Rivers Carp Cup benefits the Legacy Parks Foundation and draws anglers from all corners of the country.

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