Tippets: FishBrain App, Impacts on the Animas, Voice of TU, Undamming of America

  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the software company FishBrain, have partnered on a GPS-enabled app that enables anglers to identify and log encounters with 50 at-risk fish species. Via United Press International.
  • John Flick, owner of Duranglers Fly Shop in Durango, Colo., discusses the recent Gold King Mine spill into the Animas River, and how the event has impacted river-dependent businesses. Via NPR.
  • Chris Hunt, the “Voice of Trout Unlimited” sits down for an interview on the Orvis blog. Read more here about his start in fly fishing, his job, and outlook on conservation issues of the day.
  • Anna Lieb of NOVA Next, examines “The Undamming of America.” From the long history of building dams “behind which were big dreams,” to the recent movement to remove them, read more via PBS.
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The Fly Shop Looking for Graphic Artist

The Fly Shop, based in Redding, California, has announced their search for a graphic artist to join their team.

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AFFTA Elects New Board Members

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has announced the election of six new board members: Steve Bendzak, Brandon Shuler, Tom Sadler, Tucker Ladd, Mark Harbaugh and Rob Parkins. Each will serve a three-year term, which will begin October 12 2015.

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Video Hatch: “Panning for Gold”

In this short film from Dale Media, four anglers go in search of elusive golden trout in the mountains of Alberta Canada.
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Tippets: Lowdown on Leeches, Best Montana Waters, DIY Rod Tube Holder

  • The Wooly Bugger is one of the most famous fly patterns for good reason: it works. It’s often the first pattern a beginning angler will fish and also tie. In a recent article on Hatch Magazine, Ben Kryzinsk goes in-depth on leeches. Read more here.
  • From the famous Firehole River to the Blackfoot, read more from Jacob Baynham via Mens Journal about the 17 best places to fish in Montana.
  • An ever-growing collection of fly rods is an inevitable part of being an angler. Ben Smith offers a great DIY tutorial for making a rod tube storage holder. Via Arizona Wanderings.
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Flip Pallot Launches New Website, Blog

Fly fishing legend Flip Pallot has announced the launch of a new website and blog. “The site itself is a virtual ‘who’s who’ of legendary fly anglers, and users can expect to glean angling wisdom from the likes of Stu Apte, Lefty Kreh, Rob Fordyce, and many more.”

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Video Hatch: “No Time to Rest”

In the short summers of the Austrian Alps, there’s no time to rest when there are mountain streams and lakes with hungry trout. Via Trout in Trouble.

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Tippets: Kid-friendly Water, Cape Fear Tarpon, Colors for Streamers

  • Good fishing water looks different once you become a parent. Matthew Copeland re-defines some key terms, from “project water” to “plenty of fish.” Via Stalking the Seam.
  • A fly angler recently caught and released what is being called the first tarpon confirmed to have been caught on fly-fishing tackle in North Carolina waters. Bill Rustin caught the estimated 125-pound fish in the Cape Fear River. Via North Carolina Sportsman.
  • Among other variables such as size and profile, color can also have an impact on how fish see flies. Kirk Deeter offers science-backed advice on choosing colors for streamers, via Field & Stream.
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How to Tie the Chernobyl Ant

This week’s fly tying video features the Chernobyl Ant, a pattern that gained wide popularity after it was used to win the Jackson Hole One Fly tournament in 1995.  Tim Flagler ties this one on a size 8 Dai-Riki #710 nymph hook, using black foam for the body and tan legs, but as he says, “many other combinations of light and dark foam and different colored rubber legs will also work, so don’t have a meltdown if you don’t have all the exact materials.”

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Tippets: Loading a Rod, Women on the Fly, Reading Rise Forms

  • In a recent post on The Limp Cobra, Marc Fauvet and Aitor Coteron debunk some popular myths about how a fly rod loads.
  • As part of her own journey into fly fishing, Claire Topalian takes some time to get to know other women involved in the sport. Her recent interview with Abbie Schuster, who leads Women’s Programs at Emerald Water Anglers in Seattle, can be read here. Via The Huffington Post.
  • Not all rises are alike. You can learn a lot about how and what a trout is eating by watching them feed before making your first cast. Read more about reading rise forms from Phil Monahan via Orvis.
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