Tippets: Deschutes Brewery and Water Conservation, Whitefish Found Dead in Yellowstone River, BTT Fin Clip Research, Connecticut River Dams Removed

  • The Deschutes Brewery has partnered with the Deschutes River Conservancy to save 1 billion gallons of the river’s water each year. “The brewery leases water rights that are not being used, directing the water back into the river.” Read more about the brewery’s conservation work via Gear Junkie.
  • More than 1,000 whitefish have been found dead in the Yellowstone River. State officials aren’t sure of the cause, but fish have been taken to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fish health center in Bozeman for testing. Via The Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
  • For years the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust has been collecting bonefish fin clip samples. And while the studies are aimed at increasing knowledge of DNA connectivity in bonefish populations, “the main intent of this study is to give us a genetic map of the bonefish populations in these different places to help prioritize and guide our approach to management of the fisheries.”
  • Seven dams in the upper Connecticut River basin are scheduled to be removed, opening 140 miles of Eastern brook trout spawning habitat in New Hampshire and Vermont. “We believe removing old dams that are no longer serving a useful purpose is the best and most cost-effective way to restore the cold water tributaries of the Connecticut River,” said watershed council director Andrew Fisk. Via MassLive.
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Video Hatch: “Basslines: An Interview With Stuart Spector”

Legendary bass guitar maker and avid fly angler Stuart Spector talks about the similarities between crafting a fine instrument and getting a trout to sip a dry fly in this short film from Field & Stream.
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Tippets: Balance Train for Better Wading, Washing Out the Skunk

  • Cross training with balance-related sports can help you become a stronger wader. Brew Moscarello of Vew-Do Balance Boards writes about specific exercises to practice before your next time on the water. “I highly recommend you spend a few minutes each day refining your fly fishing balance skills through regular balance training,” writes Moscarello.
  • Many anglers share the water with their canine companions, and it’s just a matter of time, writes Steven Brutger, before your dog will be sprayed by a skunk. Read a tried and true method for washing your dog after the inevitable, via Stalking the Seam.
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Video Hatch: “Fix Florida”

Once an angler’s paradise, Florida’s fisheries and environment are in environmental turmoil due to over a half century of urban and agricultural development, and water mismanagement. This short film from Costa tells the story, and provides information on what can be done to help.
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Tippets: Backpacking and Tenkara, Renard’s Fantastical Fish

  • Tom Malone makes a case for why a tenkara rod is the perfect match for backpacking, citing advantages that include light weight and simple design. Read more on The Adventure Tribune.
  • The fish in  Louis Renard’s Poissons, ecrevisses et crabes, which depicts over 450 fish and crustacean species from the East Indies, will not look familiar to anglers, as “approximately 9% are completely fantastical.” But the color plates are stunning and can be viewed online via The Biodiversity Library.
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Video Hatch: “Alaska West 2016”

This film from Magnus Jepson features some fantastic aerial footage of fly fishing for kings and sockeye in Alaska.
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Tippets: Fly Fishing Psychology, DIY Boat Anchor

  • Justin Collmann is an avid fly fisher and a doctoral student in clinical psychology at the University of Virginia. He recently wrote an article on the psychology of fly fishing and how to manage frustration when on the water. “Each fishing outing is an opportunity to learn more about fishing and more about how I fish,” writes Collmann. “When I make a bad cast, a poor mend, or don’t catch fish, I remind myself that I am just learning even though I have been fishing for years.”
  • Losing a boat anchor doesn’t need to ruin a day on the water. In this short instructional video Louis Cahill demonstrates how to rig a DIY anchor with a basketball net. “Keep a basketball net in the boat. It cost $6 and takes up no space. In a pinch it makes a great boat anchor. It could be the best $6 you ever spent.”
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Video Hatch: “StoneFLY”

This short film from director Chris M. Sheridan documents Justin Adam Powell’s story, spiritual outlook, and passion for fly fishing.
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Tippets: Fly Fishing for Carp, National Geographic Topo Maps

  • While carp might still be the ugly ducklings of the fly fishing world, they are also gaining a devoted following. Jonathan Wright writes about techniques and tactics for chasing carp on the fly in this short article via Fly Fisherman.
  • National Geographic has announced the launch of a new website for printing free topographical quad maps. Each quad has been pre-processed to print on a standard home, letter size printer, and are the same quads that were previously printed by USGS.
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Tippets: The Case for Canoes, On Losing Fish

  • While driftboats are all the rage, “It occurs to me though that amid the lusty discussion of the latest and greatest, we’ve somehow lost an appropriate appreciation for the common canoe.” Read Matthew Copeland’s case for bringing back this classic via Stalking the Seam.
  • Losing fish is a frustrating part of fishing. But from a recent article by Kyle Wilkinson you can learn strategies and techniques for fighting fish that ups your odds of keeping fish on the hook.
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