Tippets: Cataloging Fish Species of the World, Learning to Double Haul

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Video Hatch: “Valley of the Kings”

This film from LOOP Media features amazing footage of fishing for King salmon near Torres Del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. Continue reading

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Tippets: How to Avoid Line Twist, Leave No Fly Behind

  • In the fourth episode of season two of RIO’s “How To” series, Zack Dalton explains the difference between fly line twist and line memory, and “teaches anglers how to untwist and uncoil line easily for both single-handed and double-handed setups.”
  • Leaving snags in trees not only loses you a fly, but pollutes the environment for other anglers and species as well. George Daniel, author of Dynamic Nymphing, writes about how to “Leave No Fly Behind” in this article via Orvis.
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Tippets: Tying Streamers for Stripers, Casting to Rising Trout

  • Streamers are go-to patterns when fishing for stripers, and “As always, you should brush up on tying ‘classic’ patterns like Deceivers and Clousers,” writes Vince Battista, “but you should also your hand at crafting your own streamers.” Learn about some of the best streamer patterns and design in this article via Postfly Box.
  • Fishing to rising trout can be great fun as frustratingly difficult. “You need to place your dry fly in a trout’s feeding window,” writes Tom Rosenbauer, “but it’s also important to avoid placing the leader or fly line on top of the trout.” In this video from Dave and Amelia Jensen, learn how to cast to a rising trout without spooking it.
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Video Hatch: “Backyard Adventures: Asheville, NC”

This short film from Badfish shows that for great adventures, you don’t always have to venture far from your homewaters. Continue reading

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Tippets: Interview with Joseph Bogaard of Save Our Salmon, Beginner’s Guide to Fly Lines

  • In a recent episode of the Fly Fishing Consultant podcast, Rob Snowhite interviews Joseph Bogaard of Save Our Wild Salmon, a coalition of committed businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to protecting and restoring abundant, self-sustaining fishable populations of salmon and steelhead to the Columbia-Snake River Basin. Listen here.
  • From shooting heads and running heads to sinking lines and sink tips, Spencer Durrant writes a beginner’s guide to picking out the right fly line for your needs and price point. Via Postfly Box.
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Tippets: Hatchery Threat to Wild Salmon, Taking Aim at the “Fish Bill,” Mine Tailings and Fish-Bearing Streams

  • Scientists have long warned that hatchery salmon threaten wild populations through competition of resources and by mixing genetically. However, new research points to a new threat: oxygen levels. “Their presence in some streams contributes to low-oxygen conditions that culminate in die-offs before they can reproduce.” Via Alaska Daily News.
  • A new bill introduced to congress takes aim at the Magnuson-Stevens Act, often referred to as the “fish bill.” The bill “doesn’t gut Magnuson-Stevens, but it does slacken the law’s firmest requirements,” writes Ben Goldfarm in his article, “Proposed Policies Could Make America Overfished Again.” Via Hakai Magazine.
  • Seabridge Gold Inc. has been given approval to use fish-bearing streams for tailings from their planned gold, copper and molybdenum mine in British Columbia. “Two fish-bearing creeks will be used for 2.3 billion tonnes of toxic tailings from the proposed Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell (KSM) mine in northwest B.C., wiping out habitat for several populations of small Dolly Varden fish.”
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Second Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival Returns to Plano

The Second Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival will be held March 10-11, 2018, at Plano Event Center in Plano, Texas. The festival offers are seminars taught by local, regional, and nationally known guides, authors, fly tyers, and speakers, as well as a focus on microbrewery beer.

Read more in the press release below. Continue reading

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Video Hatch: “Inspirational Fly Fishing Film”

This film features Mick Miller and his determination and persistence to be out on the water pursuing his passion of fly fishing. Via Captain Quinn. Continue reading

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Tippets: Techniques for Getting Unsnagged, Identifying Holding Water for Trout

  • Getting your fly snagged can be one of the most frustrating parts of fishing, and it happens to even the most experienced anglers. In this article, Joe Mahler outlines ten techniques for getting unsnagged, via Fly Fisherman.
  • For beginning anglers, reading water presents a huge learning curve. In this article, Louis Cahill outlines ten types of water that provide good holding water for trout. And the more time you spend on the water, “You will begin to visually recognize the kind of water where you have caught fish before and before you know it, finding fish becomes second nature.”
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