Bahamas Flats Fishing Proposal Creates Alarm

Last Wednesday, the government of the Bahamas released a proposal for new regulations that would change the way anglers, lodges and visitors can participate in fishing-related activities on the flats.   The broad reach of the regulation scope, as well as the limited amount of time allowed for commenting—less than two weeks, has raised a stir among many fishing tourism operators and lodges.  Particularly notable is the language targeting non-Bahamian guides and visiting do-it-yourselfers, as well as any lodges or fishing operations with foreign ownership. Continue reading

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Why We Fish

In an article recently re-published online from the August 1972 issue of Field & Stream, Nick Lyons explores the topic of why we fish. “What sends a person away from the comforts of his hard-earned home to fight insects, rain, cold, and other disasters in the name of fishing?” Find out via Field & Stream.

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How to Tie the Evil Olive

Tim Flagler introduces the Evil Olive, a pattern that borrows from both Higa’s SOS and the W-D 40, in this week’s featured video. “I like how the mallard fibers get magnified and how the thorax looks like it’s about to bust open,” says Flagler.  Tim also includes some tips on how to use a new product called Bondic, which is cured with UV light, to harden and magnify the mallard fiber thorax.

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Tippets: Whip Finishing, Soul River, Native Florida Bass

  • In a recent instructional video Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser demonstrate how to tie off a whip finish, both using a tool as well as with just your fingers. Via Franken Fly.
  • Navy veteran Chad Brown founded lifestyle brand Soul River and branch off non-profit Soul River Runs Wild, which helps at-risk kids connect with the outdoors. Patrick Symmes writes a detailed profile of Brown and his work, via Outside Magazine.
  • Biologists in peninsular Florida are working to protect native Florida bass from hybridizing with non-native largemouth bass. The bass genetics project has also expanded to include research on Suwannee bass, shoal bass, and the newly classified Choctaw bass. Via The Fishing Wire.
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Video Hatch: “Italian Diaries Teaser”

This short film trailer from Brothers on the Fly features the waters of Italy and the journey of “taking the risk of leaving the sure thing for the uncertain.”
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Tippets: Rigging for Water Depth, Passing it On, New Mexico Public Access

  • Often “June begins in torrent and ends in drought,” writes Will Ryan. But through high water and low, you can still catch trout. Don’t miss Ryan’s advice on fishing and rigging two flies in a recent piece on Field & Stream.
  • Teaching new anglers about the sport can serve as a good reminder to veterans of why they’re out on the water in the first place. In a recent post, Jake McGlothlin writes about an Intro to Fly Fishing Class he taught, and the responsibility to pass on knowledge to new generations. Via ChiWulff.
  • Recent legislative action in New Mexico has limited wading and public access rights of anglers. “If we don’t stand up together, we’re going to lose our incredible heritage in a single generation,” says New Mexico Wildlife Federation Executive Director Garrett VeneKlasen. Read more from Matthew Copeland, via Outdoor Life.
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Video Hatch: “The Alaska Salmon Program”

Based out of the University of Washington, the Alaska Salmon Program is the oldest continuously running salmon research program in the world, and investigates factors influencing salmon production in Bristol Bay, Alaska. This film from Jason Ching highlights the program’s work and research.
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Tippets: Fishing the Fly, Hemingway Facts, New Rules for Biscayne National Park

  • Even with the tenkara challenge of fishing one fly, different techniques make the simplicity work in different situations and for different species. Read a recent article by Tim Harris on really “fishing” a fly.
  • Ernest Hemingway’s“The Old Man and the Sea” is perhaps the best known and most celebrated of his books.  A recent article on Mental Floss features 11 facts about the writing of the book that even die-hard Hemingway fans may not know.
  • Rules in the new general management plan for Biscayne National Park will include a controversial “no-fishing” marine reserve. “The reserves aren’t the panacea,” says Jerald Ault, a University of Miami marine ecosystem biologist. “But they’re one important part of the strategy. By having a small closure, you’re enhancing the whole system.” Via The Miami Herald.
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The Library of Roderick Haig-Brown

Beginning in the 1950s, celebrated writer and conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown, together with his wife (and school librarian) Ann, compiled an impressive collection of books in their home near the Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Recent writer in residence at the library Andrew Nikiforuk writes about exploring the shelves of the collection in a recent piece on Resilience. “A good library,” Nikiforuk writes, “much like the flow of a river, suspends time and invites the idle wader to subversively reflect on lives fully lived.”

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Tippets: Skunked, Catch and Release Replicas, Frank Moore Steelhead Sanctuary Proposal

  • For many anglers, their fishing partner is also man’s best friend. And inevitably, that dog will have run-ins with wild animals, including skunks. Steven Brutger has some tried-and-true advice for washing a dog that gets sprayed, via Stalking the Seam.
  • As catch and release fishing has become standard practice, anglers need to find other methods of remembering trophy fish. A recent video and article from Colorado Outdoors Magazine features Colorado-based taxidermist Jeff Mourning creating a stunning replica of a brook trout.
  • Frank Moore is a vital part of the history and culture of Oregon’s fly-fishing and conservation communities. A new proposal by Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley would designate approximately 104,000 acres of Forest Service land as a steelhead sanctuary. Show your support for S.1448, The “Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary,” by signing the TU petition here.
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