Video Hatch: “Spinner Fall”

This short film from Joe Cummings has spectacular footage rising trout on the Bitterroot River in Montana.

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Tippets: Fishing Small Streams, Plastic Byproducts, Paint and Release

  • While small streams are often billed as “easy,” they can be hard to read and navigate. Phil Monahan has some expert advice in a recent post on the Orvis blog.
  • Dioxin (a byproduct of burned plastics and industrial processes) is known to be detrimental to human health. However, new research has shown it can also impact fish well-being, particularly olfactory function. Via The Fishing Wire.
  • An angler herself, artist Josi Etter notices the nuances of individual fish. “Every fish is different,” she says. “They have details and coloring that you might not see immediately. This is where the painting comes into play.” Leo Roth has an interesting profile on Etter, who paints watercolors of memorable fish for anglers, offering a “conservation-minded alternative to traditional taxidermy mounts.” Via The Democrat & Chronicle.
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Video Hatch: “Gangsters of the Flats 2″

Featured in the Fly Fishing Film Tour, this short film holds incredible footage of chasing giant trevally.

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Tippets: Clean Energy Options, Dry Fly Tactics, Levels in Lake Mead

  • Dams are often billed as “clean energy” options. However Gary Wockner takes a deeper look at the issue and the impact of large dams, not only on fish species but on larger climate changes as well. Via EcoWatch.
  • Todd Tanner shares some great advice for catching even the most educated fish on dry flies. From casting and good drifts to handling failure, don’t miss the article on Hatch Magazine.
  • Drought and increased use have caused the water level of Lake Mead to drop to a critical level, its lowest since the Hoover Dam was built in 1937. As restrictions for surrounding western states loom, Sarah Tory writes about the issues facing the Colorado River region in a recent piece on Adventure Journal.
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Simms and TRCP Join Forces to Conserve Critical Habitat

Simms has announced that 50% of all sales from the Ebbtide LS Shirt will go to benefit the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) to help conserve critical fishing habitat. The offer will extend online at until August 28, 2014.

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Video Hatch: “Snake Oil Hustle”

Our success on the water is dependent on how convincing we are… to ourselves and the species we chase. This short film from Pacific Extremes has some great footage of the game we play.

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Tippets: Good Shots, Climate Change’s Impact on Watersheds, Musky on the Fly

  • Corey Rich from Adorama gives some great advice on camera gear as well as techniques for getting great shots when out on the water.
  • The recently released Colorado Climate Change report notes rising temperatures and lessening snowpack, which threaten the state’s watersheds. Read more from Jeff Florence via Colorado Trout Unlimited.
  • In the second installment of the Musky on the Fly series by Bill Sherer, learn detailed technique and tactics from an expert on the species.
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Tippets: Weather and Fish Behavior, New Russian Salmon Reserve, Topwater Bass

  • Reynolds Wolff of the Weather Channel joins Tom Rosenbauer on a recent Orvis Podcast, to talk about how the weather impacts fish behavior and fishing conditions.
  • Nearly 80,000 Acres are now protected through the approval of the establishment of the Tugursky Nature Reserve in the Russian Far East’s Khabarovsk Region.The hard work of The Wild Salmon Center (WSC), Khabarovsk Wildlife Foundation (KWF), and other partners will protect critical salmon habitat within the Tugur Watershed.
  • Catching bass on topwater is unarguably a ton of fun. Kirk Deeter shares some techniques for making popper fishing more effective in a recent post on Field & Stream’s ”Fly Talk.”
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Tell the EPA: Stop the Pebble Mine

The recent spill of billions of gallons of mining waste at the Mount Polley mine in British Columbia is a reminder of what’s at stake in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Take time to tell the EPA to stop the proposed Pebble Mine project during the open comment period, now through Sept. 19th.

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Itou Salmon

Peter Rand,  recently returned back from a Fulbright fellowship in Japan to study populations of itou salmon, reports on his research and findings via National Geographic. “In the parlance of conservation, itou is a flagship species,” explains Rand, “so focus on this particular fish helps us protect a variety of taxa and the river ecosystem itself, and also helps us move toward enhanced economic benefits from ecotourism and salmon fisheries.”

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