Tippets: Improve Casting Accuracy, Finding Fish in Low Flows

  • Off-plane movement of the rod is the biggest killer of accurate casts, writes John Juracek. “Inaccuracy isn’t always fatal to success, but it proves fatal often enough. Minimize those times by becoming a more accurate caster. It’s not difficult to do and a good way to start is by keeping your rod on-plane.” Via Hatch Magazine.
  • From reading riffles and runs to downsizing flies, in this article Charles Warren writes about how to find fish during the lower flows of Autumn, via Post Fly Box.
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Tippets: Species of the Anthropocene, Safe Handling for Bonefish, The Salmon People

  • The Anthropocene, “an age when humanity impacts everything on earth,” has created interesting hybrids, including the tiger musky. Read more on species of the Anthropocene from Matt Miller via the Nature Conservancy.
  • Bonefish “aren’t trout and nothing will bring that hone for you like trying to tail one,” writes Louis cahill. But “Landing them and handling them is really pretty simple once you know how.” Learn more about how to handle bonefish via Gink & Gasoline.
  • Dylan Tomine writes about the connection between the Lummi people and salmon in this essaySalmon People. “For thousands of years, the Lummi people fished reef nets at ancestral sites throughout the Salish Sea. And today, for the first time in more than 100 years, the Lummis are once again fishing a reef net in the waters of Legoe Bay.”
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Send The Water South: Save Our Streams Lends a Hand In Restoring Florida’s Everglades

The Everglades is the sixth stop and first eastern effort in the Simms 2017 Save Our Streams campaign. During the month of September, Simms will offer a limited edition T-Shirt designed by Jorge Matinez, a Florida native who grew up just north of Everglades National Park, to raise awareness and funds for the non-profit Captains for Clean Water.

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Tippets: Climate Change and Fish Size, The Elwha River’s Rebirth, Stream Monitoring in Pennsylvania

  • A new study in the journal Global Change Biology indicates that a warming climate “could stunt the growth of fish by as much as 30 percent.” According to the research, “The main driver behind this decline in size is that warmer water contains less oxygen.”
  • Kate Schimel writes about the environmental effects on the Elwha River after the Glines Canyon Dam was removed. “Slowly, with human aid, the river is carving itself a new form with a better chance of weathering disruptions,” writes Schimel, “including climate change. A new Elwha, unleashed.” Via High Country News.
  • In this article, Frank Kummer outlines how streams in Pennsylvania are monitored. “Trout are a proxy for a stream’s overall health,” he writes. “Class A wild trout streams, which have the highest mass of naturally reproducing trout, qualify as high-quality waters under Pennsylvania’s Clean Streams Law.” Via Philly.com.
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Video Hatch: “I Dreamt I Was a River”

This short film from Grand Prismatic Media features stunning scenery and beautiful fish, all set to a great tune.
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Tippets: Sage Lodge, Fishing Soft Hackles

  • Sage is building a fly-fishing lodge in Emigtrant, Montana. Sage Lodge will offer easy access to Yellowstone National Park, and will “lead with fly-fishing,” says Tag Kleiner, Sage’s vice president of marketing, “that’s the heart and soul of Sage, but it’s more about the Montana outdoor experience.” Sage Lodge is slated to open in Summer of 2018. Via The Livingston Enterprise.
  • On a recent episode of Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio, Allen McGee, author of Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs, Spiders to Flymphs: The Evolution of the Soft-Hackled Fly, and Fly-Fishing Soft-Hackles: Nymphs, Emergers and Dry Flies, talks about patterns and techniques for fishing both traditional and progressive soft-hackle flies.
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Video Hatch: “Moments”

This short film features beautiful footage from a fly fishing trip in northern Sweden. Via Spotified.
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Tippets: Fishing in Rattlesnake Country, Review of Rosenbauer’s “Fly Fishing for Trout—The Next Level”

  • Before fishing in rattlesnake country don’t miss this article by Steve Graepel on tips to identify and avoid rattlesnakes, as well as how to treat bites, via Gear Junkie.
  • Find a book review of Tom Rosenbauer’s recently released Fly Fishing for Trout – The Next Level in this post via The Venturing Angler. “Fly Fishing for Trout – The Next Level is 163 pages of tips, tactics, and critical information that will help anglers advance their game. In fact, this ought to be required reading for aspiring guides.”
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Video: How to Tie a Peacock Caddis

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Peacock Caddis in this week’s featured tying video. Says Flagler, it’s three “great materials put together in a nice, neat, little package that works like a champ.”

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Video Hatch: “RIO Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards Teaser”

RIO is currently accepting entries for their 2017 Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards. Rules and entry information can be found here.
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