Video Hatch: “Silver Kings Season 2”

This video features the pursuit of tarpon on fly during the 2015 migration through Islamorada and the Everglades. The full season of Silver Kings will air in January, 2016. Via Brine Media.
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Tippets: DIY Rod Holder, Fish Camp Stove, Solutions on the Yakima

  • Steven Brutger provides great information on making rod holders for your raft. Visit Stalking the Seam for this DIY tutorial.
  • For a first look at the new camping stove from Jetboil, perfect for upcoming summer fishing trips, check out Eric Lemke’s review of the “Genesis Base Camp Stove,” via Gear Junkie.
  • A changing climate is hitting watersheds and fisheries hard. A recent film from American Rivers, Trout Unlimited and The Wilderness Society features work being done on the Yakima River that proves farms, fish and wildlife, and a healthy environment and economy can all co-exist. Watch the film “This River Runs Forever” and read more from Amy Kober via National Geographic.
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Proposed Bahamian Fishing Regulations: In Depth

“Perhaps nowhere else on the planet could fishing incite heated international debate,” Sarah Grigg writes. “But in the Bahamas, where silver scales translate to serious capital, the first-ever proposal of recreational fishing regulations has incited a volatile reaction among domestic and international stakeholders.” Read more via Gink & Gasoline.

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Tippets: Streamers on Small Streams, Something Fishy, Summer “Revive”

  • Anglers don’t often think of streamers when they think of fishing small streams. However in a recent article Cinda Howard writes about their effectiveness for smaller waters and offers techniques and tactics to try.
  • The old adage that “something smells fishy” might actually be science-based. New research shows that “the smell of fish not only makes people more suspicious, but may boost critical thinking skills.” Read more via Smithsonian.
  • The new issue of Revive Journal features pieces ranging from Cameron Mortenson writing about his recent carp excursions to Ryan O’Connor chasing Louisiana reds. Read more in the Summer 2015 issue.
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Groups Say Leavenworth Hatchery Violating Clean Water Act

The Wild Fish Conservancy and the Center for Environmental Law & Policy have released a 60-day Notice of Intent to sue to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) for violations of the Clean Water Act at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery.

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Video Hatch: “Horizons”

This short film from Freeflow Motionworks explores the inherent human desire to see the unknown—and what’s around that next bend in the river.
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Tippets: Trout Trails, Science of River Restoration, Sharpening Tying Scissors

  • The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has announced a new program to help anglers find successful fishing locations. “Trout Trails” currently lists 129 trout fishing waters with a fishing profile and photo, access points and maps for each location.
  • California’s San Joaquin River was almost lost to diminished flows. But in 2006 an agreement was made between the federal government, local farmers, and the NRDC, which allowed restoration work to begin. Read more about “The Science of River Restoration” from Monty Schmitt, via Switchboard, NRDC.
  • In a short instructional video, Juan Ramirez demonstrates how to quickly sharpen fly tying scissors. Via Hopper Juan.
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Video Hatch: “Smallieville”

This short film from David Goodrich shows there are still places of legend in the Land of Enchantment, such as this high desert lake with great smallmouth bass fishing.
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Tippets: Lighten Your Load, Salmon & Sea Lions

  • The backpacking season is starting in earnest, and for anglers, packs can be heavy with extra gear. A recent article by Brendan Leonard points to 10 tongue-in-cheek ways to lighten your pack. Via Semi-Rad.
  • Recovering salmon populations on the Columbia River are being hampered by an overabundance of sea lions. “By concentrating and disorienting salmon, Bonneville Dam has created prime conditions for a canned hunt,” writes Ben Goldfarb. “The sea lions are simply behaving like human fishermen at a stocked trout pond.” Via High Country News.
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Tippets: Fly Fishing’s Health Benefits, Angling During Drought

  • Fly fishing provides some great and proven health benefits. Aside from lessening stress, it is “one of the funnest ways to exercise,” writes Kent Klewein. Read more via Gink & Gasoline.
  • With angling restrictions due to high temperatures and low water flows, Mark McGlothlin offers some pointers for anglers. “Be on the water when the sun cracks the horizon,” he writes. “The world still has dew on it that early, the vast majority of your fellow fishers will still be sleeping it off and your fish will be looking up to start the new day.” McGlothlin also points to Montana TU’s suggestions for keeping fish alive during a drought year.
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