Aerial Assault

Remote backcountry lakes are stocked from the air, with hundreds of fish being dropped from the bottom of a plane into the waters below. And during a recent drop, Ted Hallows, a Utah State Hatchery supervisor, attached a GoPro camera to the plane, giving a first-hand look at the process.

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Bahamas Initiative Addresses Threats to the Bonefish Fishery

The Bahamas Initiative of the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust works to address increasing threats against world-class bonefish fisheries. From gillnetting to coastal development, scientists and volunteers with The Bahamas Initiative work to address ecological change, while educating anglers, tourists, and locals alike.

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“DamNation” Now Available on iTunes

The powerful and award-winning documentary “DamNation” explores the change in America’s attitude towards dams: from marvels of engineering to destruction of rivers and entire ecosystems. The film is directed by Ben Knight and Travis Rummel, and is now available for purchase on iTunes.

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New Protections for Headwaters

Headwater streams were once protected under the Clean Water Act, until the 2000s when a U.S. Supreme Court ruling left them vulnerable to development. This year though, things might change, with a proposed rule that would once again protect these delicate and important ecosystems. Chris Hunt explains the details and ways you can help (including a public comment period) in a recent article on Hatch Magazine.

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Video Hatch: “Hank Patterson’s 8 Steps To Better Nymph Fishing”

Hank Patterson is back on the river in this film short, where he shares always amusing tips and tricks for nymphing.

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Tippets: Mending Line, Yukon River Salmon, Cases of Art

  • Line mending is important not only for achieving good drifts, but also as a tool for giving lifelike movement to flies. Phil Monahan explains the technique in a recent post on the Orvis blog.
  • The Chinook salmon fishery of the Yukon River has suffered decline since 1998. “There’s been some great efforts to increase money and manpower for research projects,” says Stephanie Schmidt, fishery research biologist. “But if we’re going to understand the broad picture on the Yukon, we’re going to need more.” Read more from Ben Goldfarb on High Country News.
  • In a recent interview, bamboo tenkara rod case maker Richard Kolodny talks with Jason Klass about the process and design that goes into his detailed work. Via Tenkara Talk.
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Tippets: Summer Trout, Ocean Acidification, Storm Safety

  • Come summer, fish in pressured fisheries become educated and wary. Kirk Deeter has some sage advice on strategies for catching big trout mid-summer. Via Field & Stream.
  • Ocean waters are seeing rising acidity levels, caused by rising rates of carbon dioxide. This change is killing shellfish and could cause neurological changes in fish populations as well, say scientists. But there is good work being done to fight the impacts and help species adapt and recover. Via Pacific Standard.
  • Severe weather often hits while out on the water, and Mike Sepelak has a timely reminder about lightning: don’t mess with it. “Live to fish another day.” Via Hatch Magazine.
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Video Hatch: “Tall Tails”

This preview for “Tall Tails: Legend of the Gurgler” features some great footage of chasing redfish on the flats outside Charleston, South Carolina. Via Flyline Media.

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Tippets: Traveling Tenkara, “Good” Invasive Species?, Choosing a Tarpon Line

  • Founder and CEO of Tenkara USA Daniel Galhardo talks travel in a recent interview on YouInc.
  • New research published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences suggests that even “beneficial” non-native species, such as the grass carp, can be detrimental to specific ecosystems. Via Conservation Magazine.
  • Don’t miss the most recent film from RIO Porducts, with Zack Dalton explaining the features of RIO’s three tarpon line series and which line is right for your needs.
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“Conservation Means Sharing”

The recently launched Regional Conservation Partnership Program by the United States Department of Agriculture is a new effort towards an old problem: sharing resources. With growing populations and drought conditions across the West, that means expanding partnerships to boost investments in clean water, soil and wildlife conservation projects. Continue reading

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