Reintroductions and Other Translocations

Kim Todd writes about “Reintroductions and Other Translocations” in a recent essay published on Guernica. From salmon in Piper’s Creek near Seattle, to bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout returning after the demolition of the Milltown Dam near Missoula, MT. “The search is for something authentic, some way a human can reach in and set things in motion again, then step back, observe, and ultimately, vanish,” Todd writes. “But perhaps that’s just a very human dream, both the authenticity and the vanishing.”

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How to Tie a Dumb Bunny

This week’s fly tying video features the Dumb Bunny, a pattern tier and videographer Tim Flagler says is “kind of a mash-up between a Zonker, a Clouser Minnow and a Rubber Worm, rigged Texas-style.”  The Dumb Bunny can be tied in a wide variety of colors and is suitable in larger sizes for bass, pike and even saltwater species.

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Tippets: Winter Tenkara, Science in Translation, Tying Nail Knots

  • Winter is right around the corner, and Tim Romano takes a look at one of the benefits of fishing tenkara through the cold season: no iced-up guides. Read more via Field & Stream.
  • As Josh Bergan writes, science articles can be esoteric and hard to understand. However he presents and “translates” a few scholarly research articles ranging in topic from pheromones, fish-eating mice, to how fish smell that are worth checking out. Via Trout Bugs.
  • Learn to tie the a Nail knot two ways, the arbor knot and the Albright knot in an instructional video via RIO Products.
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Video Hatch: “Nature Rx”

Set as a prescription drug commercial, this film short shows the benefits of nature in our daily lives. Via Dream Tree Film & Productions.
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Tippets: Examining Grip Design, Review of “Simple Flies”

  • In a recent article Alan Bulmer examines cork fly rod handle design, observing larger grips align with better overall performance. “Increasing the circumference will undoubtedly help enhance the performance of the latest blank tweaks, improve angler comfort and reduce fatigue.” Read more via Active Angling New Zealand.
  • A shift in fly design has ushered in a time of more impressionistic patterns than realistic. And a new book by Morgan Lyle is a great starting place for beginner tiers or seasoned anglers who want to get back to basics. Read a review of Lyle’s “Simple Flies,” from Jason Klass, via Tenkara Talk.
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Video Hatch: “The Study Of a Hall Pass”

Sometimes life can make it hard to get out on the water. In this honest short film, Dustin Miller talks about the balance of making time for family and fish.
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Tippets: Fishing in Grizzly Country, Basic Entomology

  • Good fishing and bear country often overlap. Read advice from the National Park Service for how to handle an encounter with a grizzly bear. Via Live Science.
  • While being a walking dictionary of Latin insect names isn’t essential for catching fish, a working knowledge of basic entomology and insect life cycles can improve angling success on the water. Read more from Louis Cahill, via Gink & Gasoline.
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Journalists Invited to Attend 2015 SHIFT Festival

The 2015 SHIFT Festival will be held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, from October 7-10, 2015. Registration for the festival, which explores the intersection of conservation and outdoor recreation, is now open.

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Tippets: Reading Rise Forms, Sunglass Picks, Finding Big Trout

  • While rises might look the same from the vantage of a bank, what’s happening underwater is a different story. Kirk Deeter offers a great outline of how to read different rise forms and what strategies to use as a result. Via Field & Stream.
  • Sunglasses are one of an angler’s most important piece of gear. Chad Shmukler offers his take on the best choices of 2015-2016 models. Read more via Hatch Magazine.
  • From seeking structure to following current, Toby Halley writes about strategies for finding bigger trout, via the Orvis blog.
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Fly Fishing Industry Loses Bruce Olson

The fly fishing community has lost one of its key figures in the passing of Bruce Olson. He started with Umpqua Feather Merchants over two decades ago, and had many influences over the evolution of the industry and sport.

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