Tippets: Pro Fly Angling Tour Scam, FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Salmon, Keys to Winter Steelhead Success

  • Organizer of the Pro Fly Angling Tour, Anthony Naranja, is being accused of scamming participants out of thousands of dollars. Jason Gruenauer reports on the developing story via Denver7 News.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first genetically engineered animal intended for food, AquAdvantage Salmon. Draft documents on labeling and disclosure requirements are available for public comment for 60 days starting on November 23, 2015.
  • From monitoring water levels to where to fish a run, Mia Sheppard shares her secrets for success with winter steelheading. “I choose to have complete confidence in each day, based on thorough knowledge of my surroundings,” Sheppard writes. “Conditions are everything.” Via Metalheads.
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Tippets: PHWFF Awarded VA Grant, Science of Night Fishing, Matt Grajewski Interview

  • Project Healing Waters was recently awarded a grant through The Grants for Adaptive Sports Programs of The Department of Veterans Affairs. The funding will help provide training for on training for “one of our most valuable and important resources—our volunteers.” Read more via PHWFF.
  • Night fishing has a following and lore all its own, but there’s also science to back it up. Alan Bulmer delves into why freshwater fishing is often better at night, via Active Angling New Zealand.
  • Matt Grajewski talks about tying, rigging, and fishing for muskie in a recent interview on Franken Fly.
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Fishpond Angles to Save the Colorado River

Through funds generated by the sale of select apparel, Fishpond has donated over $3,700 to Save the Colorado, a non-profit dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Colorado River from source to the sea.

Read more in the press release below. Continue reading

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Tippets: Students of Bonefish, AMFF Conservation Symposium, Lake Erie Algae Bloom, Free-Flowing Yampa

  • Justin Lewis, Bahamas initiative manager for the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, spoke to students at Lucaya International School about the recreational bonefish fishery in the Bahamas. The students also participated in a field trip to local flats where they helped with BTT’s bonefish tag-recapture program. Read more via BTT.
  • Videos from The American Museum of Fly Fishing’s 2015 Deborah Pratt Dawson Conservation Symposium are now available to view via Vimeo. The event marked the first time core conservation organizations Trout Unlimited, American Rivers, Batten Kill Watershed Alliance, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Atlantic Salmon Federation, and Interfluve came together to discussed shared concerns and strategies.
  • Adding to the many environmental problems facing Lake Erie, this year’s toxic algae bloom was reported as the most severe this century. “Lake Erie is the most dramatic example of how water quality suffers as a result of phosphorus pollution, and how those problems get even worse as the climate changes,” writes Rob Moore. “Lake Erie’s condition serves as a warning we shouldn’t ignore.” Via Switchboard NRDC.
  • John Fielder, nature photographer and conservationist, says the best thing to be done for the Yampa River is “nothing at all.” Read more about why it’s important to keep this river in Colorado free-flowing, via Vail Daily.
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Video Hatch: “Boys of the River”

New waters are made better with good friends, in this short film from Revive Fly Fishing.
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Tippets: Spawning Brook Trout, Fishing Smart

  • This short clip of footage features an intimate look at a pair of spawning brook trout in a small stream in the Appalachian Mountains.
  • From fly choice to a stealthy approach, read William G. Tapply’s pro tips on outsmarting pressured fish. “Trout have trouble memorizing the ten main exports of Bolivia, but when it comes to survival, they are fast learners,” Tapply writes. “The growing numbers of skilled and well-equipped fishermen who crowd our rivers are educating a generation of PhDs. Trout are warier and harder to fool than ever.” Via Orvis.
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Tippets: Easy Indicator Adjustment, Trout Baseball Cleats, Tips for Bonefishing

  • Using an old piece of fly line and nail knots, learn how to rig an easy indicator adjustment system in this video from Red’s Fly Fishing. Via The Limp Cobra.
  • Inspired by Mike Trout, baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels, the new Lunar Vapor Trout Men’s Baseball Cleat by Nike combines trout colors with baseball cleats.
  • While trial and error is often the best way to learn, Phil Monahan gives you a jumpstart with his hard-earned advice on successful bonefishing. Read more from Orvis.
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How to Tie a Ken Lockwood Streamer

Tim Flagler ties a Ken Lockwood Streamer in this week’s featured tying video.  He uses a long-shank Lightning Strike ST5 size 10 hook, red thread, tinsel, and black buck tail to tie this classic pattern from the 1930s.

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Tippets: Rosenbauer Interview, Tactics for Small Streams

  • Monte Burke interviews Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis in a recent article on Forbes. Find his thoughts on the fly fishing industry, new and emerging trends, and bucket list fish, as well as Rosenbauer’s passion for handmade chocolate.
  • Compared to their larger counterparts, small streams present unique but equally challenging situations. From rod length to fly choice, Constantin Huet writes about tips for fishing small streams effectively, via Hatch Magazine.
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Video Hatch: “The Super Salmon”

The Susitna River in Alaska is one of the world’s largest wild salmon fisheries. But a proposed hydroelectric dam is cause for concern for the health of the watershed. This trailer shows the story of a radio-tagged king salmon that made an unexpected, unbelievable journey. Twenty minute short film coming January 2016. Via Ryan Peterson.
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