New Fly Fishing Books

  • Fleye Design: Techniques, Insights, Patterns by Bob Popovics and Jay Nichols builds on the landmark fly design of Popovics. “Fleye Design” includes 12 new patterns with  36 step-by-step tying and technique tutorials. Stackpole/Headwater (January 15, 2016).
  • Catching Shadows: Tying Flies for the Toughest Fish and Strategies for Fishing Them by Rich Strolis is a compilation of the author’s most effective patterns, including the stories behind development and tying instructionals. Strolis also addresses the pros and cons of material choice,  from the newest synthetics to traditional natural fibers. Stackpole/Headwater (January 15, 2016).
  • Physics of Fly Fishing: Fly Casting Mechanics and Fly Fishing Optics by Bill McGlinn addresses the physics at the base of the sport. Understanding the details behind action and reaction can increase an angler’s appreciation and joy of fly fishing. Amazon Digital Services, Inc. [ Kindle Edition].
  • Fly Fishing For Salmon by Allan Sefton breaks down barriers to those new to the sport of salmon fishing. Sefton takes time to clearly explain what the absolute beginner needs to know, with deconstruction of modern techniques that will benefit advanced anglers as well. Constable & Robinson, Painted Smile Series, (January 19, 2016).
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Video Hatch: “29 Degrees NOLA”

This short film features redfishing in the Louisiana marsh with Capt Brandon Keck from Southern Fly Expeditions. Via Catch 1 Films.
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Tippets: Jimmy Kimmel’s Bucket List, Ten Tips for Rigging

  • A recent piece on the Robb Report follows late night personality Jimmy Kimmel’s trip to Montana, where he fulfills one goal on his bucket list: fly fishing Montana’s Gallatin river, where many of the scenes in the 1992 film adaptation of Norman Maclean’s novella were shot. Read more here.
  • Rigging is often rushed through, when in fact it’s one of the most important parts of success on the water. Zach Matthews writes a great short article on ten tips for setting up your tackle, “from knots to line and gear concepts, these will help you feed fish and then stay connected after the eat.” Via The Itinerant Angler.
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Video Hatch: “Souvenirs de 2015”

This short film from Quebec-based anglers shows the diversity of species and locale in fly fishing. Via Wildcats.
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Tippets: Interview with the Provo Brothers, Winter Fly Fishing Tips

  • Ian and Neil Provo pair their passions of backcountry skiing and fly fishing in films that take inspiration from the legendary Warren Miller snow-sports films. The Provo brothers sit down for an interview with Phil Monahan on Orvis to talk about upcoming projects and the intersection of sports on the water and off.
  • Cold weather fishing conditions present unique challenges on the water. Brody Henderson, guide for Vail Valley Anglers, offers great tips and tactics for winter fly fishing. “For those that are willing to put a little extra effort into preparation and on the water tactics, fly fishing in Colorado during the winter can be an extremely rewarding endeavor that includes uncrowded rivers, beautiful winter scenery and wiling trout.”
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Video Hatch: “Follow Your Passion”

Fly fishing is about more than just catching fish, as shown in this short film from Konrad Production. Continue reading

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Tippets: Rediscovering Fly Fishing, Learning from Photos

  • In a recent piece, Lee Woodruff writes about a weekend spent at a Project Healing Waters event and how she rediscovered both a sport and her marriage. “This was a vastly different sport than what I had remembered from childhood recollections. Fly-fishing was more art and poetry, finesse and religion. I was hooked.” Read more via Real Simple.
  • Along with sharing your passion for the sport, photography can also provide biological information about specific fisheries and populations. Read more from Pat Burke about what you can learn from a photo, via Troutbitten.
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Stream Maps USA Expands to Great Lakes Region

The 4th edition of the Stream Map USA app from Gogal Publishing was recently released, and now includes an expanded Great Lakes Edition.

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Video Hatch: “Live the Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys”

This trailer features footage from the upcoming film on the inspiring story of Pennsylvania’s fly fishing legend, Joe Humphreys, “a man who was born to fish, lives to teach, and strives to pass on a respect for our local waters.”
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Tippets: On Nymphing Rigs, Support Project Healing Waters

  • Domenick Swentosky writes about developing a nymphing rig that worked for his fishing style. “These three elements of my nymphing rig changed: I took fly line out of the mix, I allowed only one diameter of tippet under the water, and I added a sighter.” Read more on Troutbitten.
  • Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a nationwide volunteer organization dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of active/disabled military personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education. Learn more here about how to support a chapter based in Fort Carson, Colorado.
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