How to Build the Perfect Trout Leader

Building a Leader” is the subject of this week’s featured video.  Tim Flager covers every step in the leader-assembly process for a 10-foot 4X leader, from segment measurement to knotting.

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TU opens Registration for Green River One Fly Competition

Registration for the annual Green River One Fly is now open for the competition set to be held September 18-19, 2014, with benefits going to help conservation projects in the state.

Read more in the press release below. Continue reading

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“Your Inner Fish”

An upcoming three-part series takes a new look at human evolution to reveal how the human body is connected to ancient fish.  “Your Inner Fish” is hosted by paleontologist Neil H. Shubin, who helped discover the Tiktaalik, a species that is thought to be a missing link between sea and land animals. An interview with Shubin was recently featured in The New York Times, and a preview of the series can be viewed on PBS.

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Restoring Lahontan Trout in Nevada

An unlikely coalition of partners in Nevada (including miners, ranchers, government agencies, conservation groups) are working to restore habitat for native Lahontan Trout, which presently occupy only eight to nine percent of their historic stream range and less than one percent of their historic lake range.

“Our role in the fish’s demise is precisely what gives hope for its recovery,” explains Zeb Hogan on NewsWatch, “we know that our activities can have tremendous influence on aquatic environments, but it’s up to us to decide whether our influence is positive or negative, restorative or destructive.” Via National Geographic.

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Tippets: Spotting Tarpon, Steelhead Survival Rates, The Angler’s Art

  • From reading pushes of water and bubbles to developing hypersensitivity to movement and shadows, Louis Cahill has great advice for spotting tarpon, which translates well to spotting other species too.
  • New research published in the journal BioOne shows that wild steelhead have a higher success and survival rate than hatchery-raised fish. “Juvenile wild steelhead are smaller than hatchery fish when they reach the ocean, but have a higher feeding success, are in better condition and grow faster than hatchery fish once they arrive in the marine environment.” Via The Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife News Bulletin.
  • In a fun throwback to “Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art,” which once aired on PBS, a video episode posted on Franken Fly features fly fishing legend Dave Whitlock tying his pattern, Whitlock’s Sheep Minnow Streamer.
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“All About Feathers”

Evolved for warmth, flight and weatherproofing, feathers are used by anglers for their movement, flotation and liveliness. Understanding the anatomy of feathers and their biological purpose can help in design at the tying desk, so take some time to check out a new interactive website created by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, “All About Feathers.”

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Video Hatch: “Strobel Lake: Argentina Fly Fishing”

The harsh fishing conditions of Argentina’s Strobel Lake doesn’t stop Katherine Hart of Rajeff Sports from making success happen on the water in this film short from Todd Moen and Catch Magazine.

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Tippets: Tying Transitions, Flood Concerns, Becoming a Guide

  • Don’t miss Ian Anderson’s tutorial on creating a smooth and clean transition when tying materials near the head of the fly. Via Warmwater Chronicles.
  • After the floods of fall 2013 on Colorado’s Front Range, experts are concerned with how riverbeds will handle the upcoming spring runoff. “While 2014 may or may not end up being a significant runoff year, our floodplains have changed,” explains Estes Park Town Administrator Frank Lancaster, “and so runoff will certainly have different effects this year.” Via Estes Park Trail Gazette.
  • If you’re looking to make your fly fishing hobby into a living, check out Phil Monahan’s tips for “How to Become a Fly Fishing Guide.”
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Rio Tinto Pulls Stake from Pebble Mine

Rio Tinto has announced that it will pull its stake in Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd., the company that owns the rights to the proposed Pebble Mine project. The announcement comes as welcome news in the continued fight for the protection of Bristol Bay. Via The Alaska Dispatch.

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Low Viz

Low visibility and bleakness on the flats can cause some things to become clear, and also demands focus, as Louis Cahill writes in a recent piece, “I have one thing left to do. To search this blue-white void. To see where my guide takes me. To stand, breathless on the bow, and wait for a sign.” Via Gink & Gasoline.

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