Tippets: Grayling Fishing, Finding Bigger Trout

  • Patrick Tillard argues that grayling are fly fishing’s best kept secret. “Known as the Lady of the Stream, these freshwater fish are something of an enigmatic species, often overlooked by anglers who collapse their rods as the mercury dips into single figures.” Via The Gentleman’s Journal.
  • Toby Halley writes a great article about three key factors to keep in mind when searching for big fish: water depth, current and structure. Read more here about how to read water to find bigger fish.
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Meet the Bamboo Brooker

Andy Royer has created a special bamboo fly rod business sourcing Tonkin cane from China. His story, including the tragic turn of a cancer diagnosis, is featured in a video profile by Stephen Engle of Bloomberg.

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Montana FWP Closes Yellowstone from Park to Laurel

Citing the sudden appearance of  Proliferative Kidney Disease, a serious illness that impacts both whitefish and trout, this morning Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks closed the Yellowstone from the Park’s northern boundary to Laurel, Montana, which is near Billings.  The closure affects all water-based recreation (fishing, wading, floating, tubing, boating, etc.). When we spoke to FWP chairman Dan Vermillion on Tuesday, he indicated that numerous dead whitefish had been spotted on the river near Livingston.  Afterwards, the U.S. and Wildlife Service Fish Health Center in Bozeman released the results of tests showing the presence of the disease.

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Hank Brown Passes

Famed flats guide Hank Brown has passed away at the age of 86. He was a legend in the sport and was always curious and exploring new waters, earning him the nickname Run Aground Brown. “Work ethic got him where he was, but being a great guide is more than just experience,” says Charlie Causey, winner of the 1986 Don Hawley Invitational Tarpon Tournament with Brown at the helm. “To be really good, you need a feel for the fish. And Hank could feel the fish in his bones.” Via Florida Keys News.

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Video Hatch: “Release”

From Waist Deep Media comes this film showcasing an road trip through Idaho and Montana, and all the fishing and wildlife along the way.
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Tippets: Southern Trout Fall Issue, Groundwork for Better Casting

  • Southern Trout Magazine’s August/September issue has been published and is now available to read online. This 211-page issue includes a “Close Look” at Waynesboro, VA, named as the state’s “Top Trout Town.” Southern Trout is a bimonthly publication dedicated to fly fishing for trout in the South from the Mason-Dixon Line south to North Georgia, and also the Ozarks.
  • Any angler would like to improve their casting, and Todd Tanner details groundwork for better casts in a recent article on Hatch Magazine. “Practice casting before you head for the river. Find a park, an empty baseball field or gymnasium, a backyard, a driveway, a lawn – the list is endless and you don’t even need water.” Via Hatch Magazine.
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2016 AFFTA Board of Directors Election

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has announced the election results for board of directors. Colby Trow, Jen Lavigne, Sam Lundgren, Brent Bauer, and Lise Lozelle will serve three-year terms beginning at the October 16, 2016 AFFTA board meeting.

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Tippets: Deschutes Brewery and Water Conservation, Whitefish Found Dead in Yellowstone River, BTT Fin Clip Research, Connecticut River Dams Removed

  • The Deschutes Brewery has partnered with the Deschutes River Conservancy to save 1 billion gallons of the river’s water each year. “The brewery leases water rights that are not being used, directing the water back into the river.” Read more about the brewery’s conservation work via Gear Junkie.
  • More than 1,000 whitefish have been found dead in the Yellowstone River. State officials aren’t sure of the cause, but fish have been taken to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fish health center in Bozeman for testing. Via The Bozeman Daily Chronicle.
  • For years the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust has been collecting bonefish fin clip samples. And while the studies are aimed at increasing knowledge of DNA connectivity in bonefish populations, “the main intent of this study is to give us a genetic map of the bonefish populations in these different places to help prioritize and guide our approach to management of the fisheries.”
  • Seven dams in the upper Connecticut River basin are scheduled to be removed, opening 140 miles of Eastern brook trout spawning habitat in New Hampshire and Vermont. “We believe removing old dams that are no longer serving a useful purpose is the best and most cost-effective way to restore the cold water tributaries of the Connecticut River,” said watershed council director Andrew Fisk. Via MassLive.
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Video Hatch: “Basslines: An Interview With Stuart Spector”

Legendary bass guitar maker and avid fly angler Stuart Spector talks about the similarities between crafting a fine instrument and getting a trout to sip a dry fly in this short film from Field & Stream.
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Tippets: Balance Train for Better Wading, Washing Out the Skunk

  • Cross training with balance-related sports can help you become a stronger wader. Brew Moscarello of Vew-Do Balance Boards writes about specific exercises to practice before your next time on the water. “I highly recommend you spend a few minutes each day refining your fly fishing balance skills through regular balance training,” writes Moscarello.
  • Many anglers share the water with their canine companions, and it’s just a matter of time, writes Steven Brutger, before your dog will be sprayed by a skunk. Read a tried and true method for washing your dog after the inevitable, via Stalking the Seam.
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