Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing Cain Lake with Copi Vojta”

In this short film Copi Vojta, photo editor of the Flyfish Journal, searches for largemouth bass at Cain Lake near Bellingham, Washington. He also talks about adapting to the fisheries of the Northwest from his native Colorado. Via 48degreesnorth.
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Tippets: Nailing the Approach, Interview with Brian Kozminski

  • “One of the more common errors that fly-fishing guides see is that anglers tend to rush into a stream and start fishing without first taking a minute to assess the situation,” writes Tom Rosenbauer. Learn how to approach a trout stream in this pro-tip video from Orvis.
  • Brian Kozminski of True North Trout guides the waters of Michigan. From guide stories to favorite species, Kozminski sits down for an interview on Venturing Angler. Read the conversation here.
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Tippets: Brian Bergeson from Vice to Vise, Fly Rod Guides

  • Tying musky flies helped Brian Bergeson get sober and saved his life. “You see a lot of addiction in flyfishing,” says Bergeson. “I think if you’re going to be successful as a fly angler you’ve got to have that tendency. I just have to channel it.” Read Tom Hazelton’s profile piece about Bergeson, “Vice to Vise,” Via The Drake.
  • Guides are an often overlooked part of fly rod performance. Louis Cahill outlines the three different guides on a rod and the different functions they serve in this recent article via Gink & Gasoline.
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How to Tie a Flying Squirrel Nymph

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Flying Squirrel Nymph in this week’s featured tying video.  “I’ve only been using this pattern for a short time,” says Flagler, “but it’s turned out to be remarkably effective.”

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Tippets: Strip Hard for Musky, Relocating on the Water

  • You can’t strip too hard for musky, advises Justin Pickett. “Stripping large musky flies with some oomph pushes more water and causes the fly to flare and kick sideways,” Pickett writes, “giving predators like musky the broadside profile that drives them to strike.” Read more via Gink & Gasoline.
  • Relocating when conditions change is an efficient and effective strategy on the water. “Just like changing flies, switching nymphing rigs, or adding more weight,” writes Pat Burke, “it’s another tactic to be used when the fishing is tough.” Via Troutbitten.
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Tim Mosolf: Life on the Water

Montana fly fishing guide Tim Mosolf recently passed away. However, his life and experience on the water live on, captured in an interview in April 2017 for the Montana State University angling oral history project. “Tim moved to Montana in the 1960’s and has been angling, guiding, and surveying the rivers for Fish Wildlife and Parks for nearly 50 years. His knowledge of the rivers and the changes in them is unique and he offers a perspective and insights that only a few anglers can do.” Listen here.

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Tippets: Rubber vs. Felt, DIY Fly Floatant

  • In this recent article Kris Millgate looks at the rubber vs. felt debate. She speaks with those in gear design and manufacturing, fisheries management, and guides about the issue. “If the rubber versus felt debate did anything in the name of water, it raised awareness for properly cleaning your equipment, boots soles and beyond.” Via Hatch Magazine.
  • Chris Cutler provides a great tutorial for DIY shake fly floatant using silica gel balls and a film canister on his blog, Living Fly Legacy. Read more here.
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California School of Fly Fishing Closes Its Doors

After 36 years of business, Ralph and Lisa Cutter of the California School of Fly Fishing have announced they will be retiring from the school.

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Video Hatch: “Tim Landwehr, Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co.”

The Back Forty mine is a proposed sulfide mine 150ft from the banks of Wisconsin’s Menominee River. In this video, Tim Landwehr of Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co. talks about the impact this mine would have on the health of the Menominee River. Via River Alliance of Wisconsin.
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Tippets: Mossy Creek Invitational, Casting Distance vs. Accuracy

  • The Mossy Creek Invitational recently celebrated its 10th year of community and commitment. The event “donates over 96 cents on the dollar raised directly to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Programs nationwide.” Daniel Morgan writes about this year’s event via PHWFF.
  • An interesting discussion on the importance of distance vs. accuracy highlights the most recent installment of the Ask the Experts series via Orvis. Learn more here.
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