Tippets: What’s In Your Pack, Unusual Tying Materials

  • What do you carry in your pack on the water? Ben Duchesney writes about what he chooses for his fishing bag, and why he’s “a firm believer of keeping it simple and straightforward with my gear selection, which makes my time on the water more enjoyable.” Via Postfly Box.
  • On the most recent Orvis podcast episode Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions talks rare, unusual, and underutilized fly tying materials. Listen here.
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“Finding Fontinalis” Feature Release

“Finding Fontinalis,” a feature-length film by Travis Lowe, explores how the search for a new world record brook trout in Argentina ultimately leads the anglers to conservation. The film is produced by Patagonia and co-sponsors Far Bank Enterprises, Yeti and Costa.

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Janell Fannin Announced as DUN Magazine’s Managing Editor

DUN Magazine has announced Janell Fannin will join their team as managing editor. This coincides with the online publication’s growth into the print market as well.

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How to Tie Peter Koga’s Hula Charlie

Peter Koga’s Hula Charlie, tied by Koga himself, is the featured pattern in Tim Flagler’s instructional tying video this week.  The Hula Charlie borrows some elements from Lester Matsumoto’s Magic Charlie but stays true to one of the great classics in saltwater tying.

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Tippets: Tips for Fly Design, BTT Symposium

  • From texture and color, to legs and wings, Louis Cahill outlines eight elements of design for imitating trout food sources. “The order of the elements that I will talk about in no way ranks the importance of the elements,” writes Cahill. “Instead, fly tiers should look at them together as a whole, and try to include as many as possible or as a check list of the features a fly pattern should have when completed.” Via Gink & Gasoline.
  • The Sixth International Bonefish & Tarpon Symposium will be held November 10-11, 2017, at the Bonaventure Resort in Weston, FL. The event will feature internationally recognized marine scientists and resource managers as well as experienced anglers to collaborate in conservation.
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Video Hatch: “The Kingdom’s Last Stand”

This short film from Joe Cummings of Drive On Media is a dirge for disappearing wild salmon populations, and the pledge to fight for their survival.
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Tippets: Interview with Andrew Grillos, Sage Wisdom

  • From his start fly fishing on Colorado’s Front Range and steelhead fishing in the Pacific Northwest, to advice for guides and his creative process for designing innovative fly patterns, Andrew Grillos covers a lot of territory in a great interview on FrankenFly.
  • Sage has launched a new section of their website called “Sage Wisdom,” which will focus on sharing knowledge about all aspects of fly fishing. The first installment of Sage Wisdom talks about the magic of swinging a two-handed rod.
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Video Hatch: “After Byske”

This short film from Rolf Nylinder features stunning scenery and fish.
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Eleven Experience Announces the Opening of Bahama House

Eleven Experience has announced the opening of their newest destination travel property, the Bahama House on Harbour Island. Located near pristine beaches and fishing flats, Bahama House marked its opening in January, and is available for booking from September through May.

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Tippets: Report on Fish Ladders, Weed Tax for Trout, Mouth of the Elwha, Dorado Catfish Migration

  • According to a new study, less than three percent of one key species make it upriver via fish ladders. “The researchers’ findings provide a cautionary tale for other nations now planning big dam projects. What’s clear is that providing fish passage facilities at a dam is not a panacea.” Via Yale.
  • The Nature Conservancy, CalTrout, and Trout Unlimited collaborated with the authors of California’s Prop. 64 “to incorporate rules designed to rehabilitate and protect fish and wildlife populations affected by illegal marijuana operations.” Read more from Brett Wedeking via The Drake.
  • Five years after dam removal on the Elwha, the transformation of the river is stark. “Everywhere on the former lake bottom is the work of a river catching up with 100 years of work, moving the logs, stumps and woody debris that had been stuck behind two dams built for hydropower beginning in 1910.” Read more on the changes at the mouth of the Elwha from Lynda V. Mapes via The Seattle Times.
  • The dorado catfish travels from the Andes to the mouth of the Amazon and back, but is threatened by dams and mining. A recent piece in The Guardian takes a look at the threats facing this species.
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