Tippets: Fishing Streamers From the Bank, Reading Water

  • In the most recent episode of RIO’s “How To” series, RIO ambassador Russ Miller demonstrates numerous ways to fish a streamer while wading along the bank of a river.
  • From currents and pools, to banks and river rocks, in this article Ross Purnell details how to read water and improve your success on the water. Via Fly Fisherman.
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Tippets: Streamer Presentation, Fire Season in the West

  • Fly presentation is a concentrated part of fishing dry flies, but is often neglected when it comes to streamers. But as Louis Cahill writes, “The fact that the forage food we have chosen is not an insect makes it no less artful. If your streamer is not presented in a way which the fish can appreciate, it’s still not going in the mouth.” Read more on why streamer presentation matters via Gink & Gasoline.
  • If you’re planning a late summer fly fishing trip to a western state, Mark McGlothlin provides a helpful reminder that August is high wildfire season for the area. Check out InciWeb for current fire locations and conditions.
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Video Hatch: “A day in the Swiss mountains.”

This short film features some fantastic aerial shots of fly fishing in the Swiss alps. Via Luc Malbois.
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Tippets: Orvis Nippers Review, Following Salmon on Horseback

  • In this video, Hank Patterson offers a unique review of the new made-in-USA nippers from Orvis. These nippers recently won IFTD Best of Show Accessories for 2017 and Fly Fusion Editor’s Choice Accessory for 2017.
  • Kat Cannell, MJ Wright, and Katelyn Spradley set out on a 900-plus-mile horseback trip to follow salmon upstream from the mouth of the Columbia River to central Idaho’s Redfish Lake. The trip was planned “to learn about the waterways, animals, and stakeholders involved in a salmon’s journey to spawn.” Photographer John Webster followed the journey and shares images via Outside Online.
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A Passion for Permit from Wild River Press

Wild River Press has announced the publication of a new book in the “Masters on the Fly” series, A Passion for Permit by Jonathan Olch. A Passion for Permit “takes you inside the tackle rooms and aboard the skiffs of many legends of the sport.”

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Tippets: Avoiding Summer Crowds, Swing the Fly Tying Contest

  • In this recent post, Jess McGlothlin writes about seeking out-of-the-way places in busy Montana summers. “It was small but oh-so-cold water, and we both emerged with scrapes on our legs from bushwhacking, plenty of fish to hand and happy grins on our faces. There’s something soul-happy about casting three-weight fiberglass rods to small eager trout in icy cold water.” Read more via Fire Girl Photography.
  • Swing the Fly has announced a fly tying contest with a theme of “trout spey.” The contest runs through August 25, 2017, and you can find more information about rules and judging criteria at this website.
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Video Hatch: “Finding Sanctuary on the North Umpqua: A Veteran’s Legacy”

This short film features the ongoing work to establish the Frank and Jeanne Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary. Via Uncage the Soul Productions.
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Tippets: Proposed Mine Near Boundary Waters, Seattle’s Seawall, Mining Yellowstone

  • A proposed copper mine by Twin Metals Minnesota would operate near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Debate is heating up and “The Forest Service is accepting public comments until August 17 on a whether a 20-year mining ban should be established for a 234,000-acre buffer around the Boundary Waters.” Read more from Kris Millgate via Hatch Magazine.
  • Ken Christensen of PBS NewsHour reports on a $400 million infrastructure project in Seattle to improve the city’s seawall in “a really big science experiment to see whether cities can better coexist with fish.”
  • Mining companies are anticipating the end of the Obama-era moratorium on oil and gas leases around Yellowstone National Park, but local businesses are fighting back. “Concerns over the perceived threat to the watershed have prompted more than 350 Montana businesses and organizations to join the Yellowstone Gateway Business Coalition.” Via The Guardian.
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Tippets: Profile of Artist Apayo Moore, The Grander Slam Fishing Contest

  • Lee House writes a great profile of Bristol Bay-inspired artist Apayo Moore. “I want everyone to know how amazing it is here—to be proud—to know how important salmon are to our lives and our history.” Read more via Salmon Life.
  • The “Grander Slam” is a fishing event hosted by Bob Mitchell’s fly shop in St. Paul, Minn., challenging anglers “to pull in the largest variety of species of fish over 10 days” and highlights the fishing opportunities available in urban areas. Read more and watch a video of highlights via Gear Junkie.
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Tippets: Increasing Time on the Water, Novel Excerpt: The Trout

  • One of the best ways to improve yourself as an angler is to spend more time on the water. “Bottom line: if you want to learn anything about this game you have to fish more,” writes Domenick Swentosky. “If a trout stream isn’t close, find a river with willing fish and target a new species. Any time on the water is good time, and it keeps us in the rhythm of fishing.” Via Troutbitten.
  • Peter Cunningham is an award-winning novelist whose most recent work features a mysterious fly and the memories it brings with. Read an excerpt from Cunningham’s novel, The Trout, via LitHub.
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