Tippets: NC Fly Fishing Film Night, Men’s Journal on Tenkara, Validating Conservation

  • A Fly Fishing Film Night will be hosted by Hunter Banks Co., Southern Culture on the Fly magazine and The Fiberglass Manifesto at Highland Brewing Co. in Asheville, NC. The event will be held Nov. 6 with doors opening at 6 p.m.
  • From intuitive gear functioning to price point, and “For the guy who loves to fly-fish — or has always wanted to try, tenkara can’t be matched,” writes MJ Malone. Read more via Men’s Journal.
  • Validation of conservation work comes not from big fish stories, but from scientific data. Rachel Kohler writes about the work of researchers and the use of electroshocking a stream for collecting important information about the success of restoration efforts. Via Colorado Trout Unlimited.
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Video Hatch: “After Equinox”

This film features beautiful footage of tailing redfish on an autumn day in the Lowcountry. Via Lowcountry Journal.

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Tippets: PHW Fundraising, Saving Big Old Fish, Stealth and Carp

  • The 2nd Annual Fundraiser for Project Healing Waters will run the week of Veterans Day (November 10th – 14th). Personal and company donations to the event are welcomed and can be submitted via the Hammer Creek Fly Fishing blog.
  • Matriarchs of the fish world, the “BOFFFFs” as scientists call them, are integral to the health of fisheries. “Increasingly, fisheries managers are realizing that saving some big old fish is essential to ensure that fished populations are stable and sustainable,” says Dr. Mark Hixon of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. Via ScienceDaily.
  • Following a survey of serious carp anglers, Trevor Tanner assesses the results in a recent post on Fly Carpin’. Perhaps the most surprising finding is casting distance. “It turns out that you don’t have to cast very far to catch carp.” You just have to be stealthy.
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Josh Prestin Joins Redington as Brand Manager

Redington has announced the addition of Josh Prestin to their team as Brand Manager. “One of my main initiatives at Redington is to foster a brand voice and presence that speaks to the hard-core angler without alienating the newcomer,” says Josh.

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Ottawa Hero Gives Thumbs Up to Fly Fishing

When Canadian parliament sergeant at arms Kevin Vickers was applauded on his return to work today, he was greeted by a standing ovation and a suggestion from Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to let him go fly-fishing on the Miramichi, near his rural hometown. Vickers responded with a thumbs up, Reuters reported.

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Tippets: Interview with Conway Bowman, Satellite Technology for Conservation, Kids on the Water

  • Conway Bowman, based in San Diego, has become well-known for his guiding for mako sharks on the fly. He sits down to talk about everything from his TV show to favorite gear in a recent conversation with Bjorn Stromsness on Bonefish on the Brain.
  • Remote sensing satellites can be used for monitoring environmental concerns such as deforestation and drought. New research published in the journal Conservation Biology details how this technology can be used by conservationists and scientists. “To help facilitate conservation practitioner access to cutting edge solutions, we challenge the government, donor, NGO, and academic communities to use their collective financial and human capital more efficiently to solve the questions presented here,” write the authors.
  • Avid anglers and new parents Mike and Aimee Eaton share tips for getting out on the water with an infant in tow. From managing expectations to diaper bags and long-handled nets, read more via Raising Gus.
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Casting Against Cancer

Nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Benita Walton, a breast reconstructive surgeon and avid angler, and Gwen Perkins, an Orvis fly-fishing instructor, teamed up to create Casting for Recovery. The non-profit hosts forty-two weekend fly fishing retreats each year in thirty-five states across the country. Elizabeth Hutchison features the story of the group’s beginning and its continued work in a recent article in Garden & Gun.

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Fish for Jose 2015

Anglers are being asked to share their fishing photos via social media in honor of fly fishing legend Jose Wejebe. Use the hashtag #fishforjose through January 18, 2015.

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Why Is a Swordfish’s Sword So Strong?

Turns out that remodeling–the same process used by mammals to repair bone–happens somewhat differently in rostral bone of marlin and swordfish (their “sword”).   In mammals, two different types of cells are responsible for strengthening damaged bone.  The swordfish, researchers discovered in a study of billfish bone remodeling, repairs bone without these two cells, but the result is much stronger, perhaps because the repairs were much smaller and made by a more complex process that is not fully understood yet by scientists.  From Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

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Fall Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park

The fall months are one of the best times to be fishing Rocky Mountain National Park. “Despite the well-traveled, national-park atmosphere, it’s still relatively easy to find a segment of river where you can immerse yourself in the solitude of autumn,” writes Jerry Neal. In a recent article, Estes Park-based guide Iolanthe Culjak shows Jerry Neal the scenes and streams of the area, via Colorado Outdoors Magazine.

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