Gear Video: 10-Foot Rods for Tiny Creeks?

Russ Miller, a competition angler for Team Colorado,  talks about why he opts for a much longer rod like the 10-foot, 2-weight Greys XF2 Streamflex when fishing smaller creeks.

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  • Ogood_2000

    I fish and fished the 11ft. 3wt. model of that rod and love it. I guided with it in Colordao, found it great in Cali, and fish it now in Montana a little small for the Jeff, Madison, Big Hole and others but it’s a lof of fun and ya I land big fish up to 26 inchs on that. The other day out of Ruby River Montana 23inchs on 5X! Love these rods make them in 5-6 wts!!! and all buy them all out!!! I’ve also casted dry dropers with it in Colorado for Greenbacks in small steams or light dries in tialwaters to protect light tippets. Best got for Euro, or dries period!

  • Philip Bailey

    Russ, the way to go. I am a wet fly addict fishing teams of spiders on rivers and streams (creeks to you) in the UK. I use a fantastic 3 wt rod made by Steve Parkes at
    This rod uses state of the art carbon fibre and resins.
    I only use about a rod length of line so I do overweight the rod. It is capable of casting anything from 2 weight to a 5 weight for nymph fishing and longer casts on larger rivers.
    10′ rods give you far greater control over flies as the drift. This is because you can remain in tight encounter with the flies as they drift back towards you (Oh, I forgot to say that I fish spiders upstream). With a little ingenuity you can learn how not to have to back cast at all and use modified salmon casts to generate line speed to get the line out in front of you.
    Light long rods are definitely the way to go.