Must-Have Gear: Umpqua Fly Line Scale

Umpqua - Fly Line Scale

Why, why, why, didn’t someone tell me this product existed?

It would have saved me untold amounts of money, time, and hours of frustration sorting and guessing about stacks of used but totally usable fly lines in my garage.

You know the problem. You take a line off a reel, put on another line on, coil up the old fly line and forget to mark what it is. Only to come back months later scratching your head, knowing you just wasted a good deal of money because you were lazy and didn’t mark said line.

Enter the Umpqua Fly Line Scale. Umpqua says it will accurately measure from #1 through #13 weight fly lines, regardless of the manufacturer or if the line is floating or sinking. I was skeptical, but after testing on multiple lines of my own I’m a believer. It was dead on every time.

It literally takes about one minute and 4 easy steps.  You’ll never throw away a perfectly good mystery line ever again. At $19.99 the Umpqua line scale is one of the best fishing investments I’ve made in a long time.

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  • Lou Mazza

    After you determine the weight how do you determine if it’s a floating, sinking or intermediate line?

  • Dferro5

    Or….. you could just mark the line with some masking tape and a pen.  Just a thought.

  • Tim

    Dferro5 – you could do that. 

    Most of the time I’m in a hurry and or just plain lazy. Going forward it would be the smart thing to do, but this is a great tool if you’re someone like me that has ten lines sitting, unmarked and not a clue what they are. For the price I can easily justify buying it to figure out past laziness and what all those lines are.

  • Tim Romano


    After you looking at a few sinking and floating lines I think you’ll start to notice the subtle differences in materials and how the “weight” of the line feels in your hand enough to make the call on that. If you’re still unsure I would recommend taking to your local fly shop and asking them.  Most of the time I would think they could narrow down what type of line it is. 

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