Picking the Line: Golf More Like Fly Fishing Than You Think

“The only possible cast was from where we were standing, high on the bridge directly above the trout. A cast from here would have no cross-current to drag the fly aside. But the fish could not be fought from here.” While defending fly fishing as a non-boring sport, Brian Clarke inadvertently lays the parallels between fly fishing and golf in the U.K.’s Times Online.

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  • Ethan

    Nice article and aptly timed given that I was explaining to my wife the other day how Fishing is NOT like golf in that you don’t have to worry about weather or not a ball will show up when you go out to play.
    If golf were like fishing you would be walking around in the grass swinging a club looking for balls hoping one might jump in front of your club while you were swinging. How crazy would it be if a guy came home from playing golf and told his wife, “I got skunked, the balls just weren’t there, or maybe the moon isn’t in the right phase for them to hitting?”

  • All true, Ethan. And as a friend noted a couple of weeks ago, if golf were really like fly fishing the hole would move around and change sizes, or maybe not even be there at all!