“Green River: The Greatest Trout Stream in the US”

Producer: Fly Fish Hunter

“I was first introduced to the Green River in Utah below the Flaming Gorge Dam in 1987, the year I began my fly fishing journey. It captivated me. The rugged beauty of the canyon, the red soil and steep cliffs, the green trees, the crystal clear water, and of course, the thousands of amazing rainbow and brown trout. They were everywhere you looked, and they were big!

There are no road on this section of the Green River so once you launch, you are on your own until you reach the takeout, 7.5 miles downstream. I wanted to share why this river, in my opinion, is the GREATEST trout stream in the US. With over 15,000 fish per river mile , the temperature regulation system the dam provides through the penstocks, and the beauty and ruggedness of the canyon, to me, this river really is the best trout stream in the US. In the video, I met and interviewed Gordon Tharrett, a local guide of 30 years on the Green. Super friendly guy that dropped a lot of cool knowledge about the river.”