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How to Choose a Tenkara Rod

In this video, tenkara guide Allie Marriott will guide you through the process of how to choose a tenkara rod among our selection. From tight waters to big rivers, and large fish or small, Tenkara USA has you covered in your rod needs.  The video goes through considerations such as water openness/canopy, water size, fish size and flies to help you select...

Inside the Box: "12 Days of Fishmas - Day Ten"

TWO NEW BOOKS FROM STACKPOLE "Tenkara Today" and "Squaretail" "TENKARA TODAY" This comprehensive book covers the current state of tenkara—the best flies, the equipment, and essential techniques. It also tells the stories of the people who brought tenkara to America, and examines this eastern method’s place in the western sport-fishing world. Non-anglers...

Tenkara Today

In a new episode of Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio, listen to Morgan Lyle talk about Tenkara. “When tenkara fly-fishing was introduced in the United States in 2009, Morgan Lyle was one of the first American journalists to cover it. Morgan’s new book, chronicles the first decade of tenkara in the U.S., featuring in-depth interviews with leaders of...

Complete Guide to Tenkara Fishing

Paul Gaskell has put together an amazing comprehensive resource for all you need to know about Tenkara. From the basics of gear and choosing the perfect fly, to casting and the history of the technique, learn more via Discover Tenkara.

Euro Nymphing: Tenkara’s European Cousin

Tenkara bears a striking resemblance to one of the most popular trends in mainstream fly fishing: Euro nymphing. The method was developed by European competition fly fishers to maximize the number of fish they catch while complying with the rules of the Fédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive Mouche or, in English, the International Sport...

Intro to Tenkara Fishing Gear

"Hey Everyone! I've been asked a number of times to do a video about my preferred method of fly fishing - Tenkara. I was introduced to this style of fishing from my friend Adam Stielstra, now this is pretty much the only way I fish. I have nothing against traditional fly fishing setups, it's just this a bit more compact and a little less gear which fits...

Fighting Big Fish on Tenkara

Tenkara is often thought of as a rod and technique for small water and small fish. However, in this article, Louis Cahill outlines why that’s misleading and offers great advice for strategies for fighting big fish on a Tenkara rod. Via Gink & Gasoline.

Tenkara on Big Rivers

Tenkara is often thought of as a technique for small streams. However, it can be equally effective on large waters as well. “Over the last 20 years or so, a growing group of tenkara anglers has been developing and refining approaches to fishing in these intimidating rivers,” writes Paul Gaskell. Read more in this article via Discover Tenkara.

Tenkara Tippet Length

How do you decide on the perfect tenkara tippet length? “It’s one of the very first decisions you need to build a strategy for when you’re improving your success-rate with tenkara,” writes Paul Gaskell. Read more in this article about choosing and rigging the right tippet length for your tenkara rod and fishing conditions. Via Discover Tenkara.

10th Annual Tenkara Summit

Registration is now open for The Tenkara Summit, “an annual gathering of the tenkara community with the purpose of sharing knowledge about tenkara and provide a chance for everyone to meet and fish together.” The event will be held July 27, 2019 at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel in Boulder, Colorado. Find more information and registration details...