Why Tenkara?

Producer: Tenkara USA

Tenkara anglers are attracted to the simplicity of a method that only uses only a rod, line and fly. But, simplicity wouldn’t mean much without it being highly effective at catching fish.  Developed by commercial anglers in the mountains of Japan, tenkara is an incredibly effective method of fly-fishing that has become a favorite activity of many people.

Tenkara’s effectiveness primarily stems from the ability to keep the line off the water at a long distance without it being dragged by currents that exist between you and the fish you seek to catch.  The casting and techniques used by anglers are very easy to learn. You learn how to quickly rig your system (line to rod, tippet to line, and tippet to fly), learn how to cast with tenkara in minutes and then simply focus on fly-fishing.

Tenkara rods are ultra-portable and the equipment minimal, making tenkara ideal for taking on a hike, backpacking trip, packrafting, biking and anything else you want to do. .

Learn why so many people have been talking about tenkara since Tenkara USA® introduced it outside of Japan in 2009.