Intro to Tenkara Fishing Gear

Producer: Colorado Backcountry Adventures

“Hey Everyone! I’ve been asked a number of times to do a video about my preferred method of fly fishing – Tenkara. I was introduced to this style of fishing from my friend Adam Stielstra, now this is pretty much the only way I fish. I have nothing against traditional fly fishing setups, it’s just this a bit more compact and a little less gear which fits well with my full-time truck camping endeavors. Hope you all are having a great week!”

Links for Tenkara USA

Homepage – https://www.tenkarausa.com

HANE Rod (the one shown in this video) – https://bit.ly/2m9lyiT

Iwana Rod (not shown but I reference it in this video) – https://bit.ly/2m5LEmR

Tapered Nylon Fixed Line – https://bit.ly/2lnypgS

Tenkara Kit (includes spool) – https://bit.ly/2lW9kdv