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Steve Huff: "A Passion For Tarpon"

Andy Mill: Your reputation precedes you in many ways—the success you have had through the years in tournament fishing and all the world records—but I think one of the things that stands out most is your work ethic. Here we are in the winter, it is cold as hell, and you got off the water last night at 7:45 p.m. I talked to your son, Dustin, and he said...

Stu Apte: "A Passion For Tarpon"

Andy Mill: I have been around and have caught a few fish but it is a real honor and privilege to be here with you, Stu. Stu Apte: Well, thank you. You are very humble, my friend, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you are the tarpon angler right now. There’s nobody else but you. None of the others can carry your jockstrap when it comes to fly...

Tom McGuane: "A Passion For Tarpon"

Thomas R. Pero: You bring a unique perspective to the tarpon story. As a young man you moved to Key West in the 1960s before there was a single full-time flats guide living there. And you knew and spent time on the water with many of the old-time guides. Thomas McGuane: When I was first down there in the late ’60s a certain amount of the world that had...


ENGLISH PHILOSOPHER John Milton thought that luck was the residue of good design. Thomas Jefferson, a noted rationalist, once remarked: "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." Larry Bird and innumerable golfers chime in on the relevance of constant practice to getting the lucky break. All of them would probably...

Kayaker Describes Barracuda "Attack"

Note to television journalists: Barracudas don't perform airborne "attacks" on humans. Nonetheless, Karri Larson's video interview is a reminder that freak encounters with fish do happen and that emergency communication devices do save lives.

Windy Tarpon Fishing

WINDY tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys.