Silver Kings Season 5 | E1 “Keys Strong”

Producer: Silver Kings

A little over a year after Hurricane Irma spread her wrath across the Florida Keys, “The Purple Isles” are stronger and better than ever. And the fishing is too. Show host, Captain Jared Raskob introduces his anglers to the challenges of fly fishing for both migrating oceanside Tarpon and the resident fish of Florida Bay.

“Give us the line! Right there! Start casting. See them? Going off the … go up, keep going, keep going, place this, whoa, whoa. I said slow, slow, oh, stop them baby stop thank you baby. There we go! Good job Mark!…

I love that it’s that time of year when the big-eyed dinosaurs invade the emerald waters of the Florida Keys. On September 10th in 2017 the keys endured the wrath of Hurricane Irma and she left a powerful mark. While at sea Hurricane Irma was the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history, and as a category four at landfall she is the worst storm on record to hit the Florida Keys since the great 1935 Labor Day hurricane, which at the time was the most powerful storm to ever hit the United States. It claimed over 400 lives, many of whom were World War 1 vets who had been building the Overseas Highway. They were washed away by the vicious storm surge while desperately trying to escape on the very tracks they constructed. A monument stands today in the heart of Islamorada to commemorate their service and loss.

With a great rebound underway and the Keys returning to normal, anglers attracted to this water-bound paradise have returned to chase the king of the flats—megalops atlanticus, more commonly known as the Silver King.”