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Video: Chota Outdoor Gear Shoulder Suspender Wader System

Frank Bryant, owner of Chota Outdoor Gear, explains the  unique shoulder wader suspender system in the company's new waders. Frank says, "The Patented DUCS® Suspender System secures shoulder straps firmly even on rough terrain, and allows the South Fork waders to be easily adjustable from chest high to waist high or lower (when nature calls); without...

Chota "Hippies" Adjustable Wading Socks

Says Chota: "Sometimes you need a hip wader, sometimes you need a knee-high wading sock, and at other times you need 'something in between.'" The new Hippies Adjustable Wading socks are a follow-up to 2011's novel knee-high Caney Fork wading socks. Find a Chota dealer near you.  More mentions of Chota on MidCurrent.