Simon Gawesworth: Standing In a River Waving a (Really Long) Stick

Few anglers in the history of the sport have achieved mastery over their chosen specialty on the level of Simon Gawesworth. Listen in as he takes us from the origins of spey casting on the river Spey in Scotland to a common sense explanation of spey techniques, and then on to modern spey casting in the Pacific Northwest.

Podcast Excerpt: “If you want to know exactly what a spey cast is, it’s a form of flycasting that changes direction and is perfect for a limited backcasting space. It kind of stems from roll casting — if people know what a roll cast is they are halfway on the road to knowing what spey casting is. That’s regardless of whether it is a single-handed roll or a two-handed roll, or a ten-foot cast or a 175-foot cast.”

Podcast music by permission of Old Medicine Crow Show.