Johnny Carrol Sain

Johnny Carrol Sain is a freelance writer from Arkansas. He writes about wild places, wild things, how we affect them and how they affect us. You can find more of his work at hatchmag.com, aboutrvmag.com, arkansaslife.com and other various regional and national publications.

Author Articles

Tying Up Some Answers

I used to think the surest way to attract expert opinion was to pop the hood on my truck. Then about a week ago I started tying flies. To be fair, I asked for the criticism… sort of. I posted a few photos of my feeble tying attempts on Facebook. As everyone knows by now, social media is the realm of experts. Folks will tell you whatever you “need” to...


You don’t wake up one morning and decide to become an evangelist. It’s an organic progression that stems from emotion and something more, something deeper. An energy grows within until it reaches the limits of containment and pours out of you. Everything you say and do is unconsciously linked to the energy. Even if you wanted to shackle it — and you...

"Slow Indeed"

Water and air were indistinguishable in the 90 percent humidity. Gills or lungs, it seemed like either could work on this side of the lake’s surface as I stepped into the canoe and paddled across the small channel. I had beat the local bass fishing crowd to the boat ramp but just barely. Headlights drew down on my quiet wake trailing from the boat ramp...